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Europe downloads AstraZeneca and J&J: “Commencing in 2022, everything will aim on Pfizer vaccines”

by Marco Innocenti

Soon the signing of a new deal for the offer of 1.8 billion doses right up until 2023

The European Union focuses on messenger RNA vaccines, these made to be comprehended by Pfizer, Moderna and, shortly, also by CureVac. So end purchasing for AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson, viral vector vaccines considered obsolete. The announcement was created by President Ursula von der Leyen who, by 2022, proposed the signing a 3rd agreement provide in dialogue with Pfizer, with the supply of 1.8 billion doses in the period of two years 2021-2023.

The technical aspects of the contracts are getting refined in the Brussels offices, but the emotion is that we want to get to the signature as shortly as feasible. Black on white would not only vaccine manufacturing immediately in the EU but also that of some of its vital factors. a lesson that Europe has realized on its skin just after the vicissitudes it endured with AstraZeneca, which delivers vaccines to the United Kingdom and, at the exact time, cuts the doses destined for EU nations.

Pfizer, in its place, it would be “a dependable associate – mentioned von der Leyen – that it respects the commitments and satisfies our needs, dashing up the delivery of doses. “In the coming months, in simple fact, yet another 50 million doses will be sent, ahead of routine. They will be designed offered to the Member States according to the resident populace conditions.

M-Rna vaccines, in contrast to viral vector vaccines, also have the undoubted gain of staying capable to superior adapt to variant calls of the virus.

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