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[Evaluación]OPPO X concept roll-type flexible screen mobile phone app test ready-to-use-Hong Kong


Nowadays, many brands have released different types of flexible screen mobile phones that can be flexed and flexed, but most of them are flexing. Although it is convenient to use, there will be obvious wrinkles. OPPO recently launched the X phone concept, which is the first to adopt a flexible screen scroll design to achieve the effect of larger and smaller screens. But how does it feel to use this type of mobile phone? Is it really practical? Let Edward try it for everyone.

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The body is thick and one-handed control is a bit difficult.

The OPPO X itself is designed as a slim Android phone, but the body is relatively thick, of course, the reason is its scroll-type screen design, which I will share with you below. It’s just this design, coupled with the 6.7-inch OLED screen and heavier body weight, which makes it harder for everyone to control the phone with one hand, even if the screen isn’t turned on. When it’s on, it’s even more necessary to use both hands. However, the body design is solid and the back design is also very stylish. At least it has the noble sense of a flagship phone, whether it is touched or seen. This is commendable.

▲ Because the flexible screen adopts scrolling design, the body will be thicker.

▲ Basically, it is more difficult to control with one hand. It is recommended that it is safer to use both hands to monitor whether it is widespread or widespread use of mobile phones.

▲ The fuselage frame is made of metal materials, which is relatively solid. The only reason is that the flexible screen is easier to scratch by nature, so be careful when using it.

▲ The back of the machine adopts a completely white design under no circumstances, and there will be no “two colors” due to the extent of the screen. It is beautiful and simple, but also noble.

▲ Because the screen adopts scroll-type extension design, the screen fold is not as obvious as a normal folding mobile phone when the screen is in use.

The reel screen can be turned on and off by sliding your finger

Of course, its most important feature is definitely its reel design. Generally, flex screen folding machines are designed with a flex design. The advantage is that the large screen can be used as soon as it is opened, but the disadvantage is that the crease will become more and more obvious when used for a long time. , and some users will worry about it too, more sag will shorten the life of the screen (although the official usually says no problem). The OPPO X scrolling design scrolls and extends from the left side of the fuselage when needed, turning the 6.7-inch 16:10 screen into a 7.4-inch 4: 3 screen. Since it doesn’t directly flex the screen, wrinkles are relatively less obvious. In theory, it can also greatly extend the life of the flexible screen. In fact, it is a very good design. And to switch and extend the screen, you just need to slide the switch button up or down, which is also very convenient. However, the scroll design only removes the part of the screen that is involved in the fuselage, when the screen is off, you will see a trace of dust left in the connection position, which is more unsightly. Therefore, it is recommended that you bring a glasses cloth and clean the screen from time to time, it will look more neat.

▲ Slide up or down the switch button on the right side of the fuselage to switch between the two screen sizes of 6.7 inches and 7.4 inches.

▲ The rear design of the front and rear of the switch.

▲ This is the edge of the machine behind the extended screen.

▲ However, this design will leave dust marks on the screen surface, so it should be cleaned more frequently.

No change in resolution, special effects are also attractive

Since it uses a scroll-type layout, its resolution remains unchanged regardless of whether you are viewing content on a 6.7-inch or 7.4-inch screen. It just depends on how much the screen is stretched to determine the screen display ratio. what everyone has to do. Pay attention. Also, when the screen is stretched or zoomed out, the content on the screen will slowly zoom in or out of the line spacing, and there will be special effects of slow zooming in or out when switching, without sudden zooming in or out. The author appreciates the situation. But what everyone should pay attention to is that all phones have only one button, which is the switch button on the right side of the fuselage. You can only change the screen display and slide your finger to extend / shorten the screen display. If you want to adjust the volume, you have to do it in the sound effect settings, which is very troublesome. This is its flaw. I think when this machine is officially released, if the volume button can be added back, it will be the most perfect design.

▲ When the key is passed, the extended part of the screen will slide out from the left side of the fuselage.

▲ After switching from 6.7 inch to 7.4 inch screen, the navigation content will be rearranged automatically. For example, browsing the web will have the effect of reading a book.

▲ Regarding the video display, since the aspect ratio has changed from 16:10 to 4: 3, the black edges of the video will change from left to right up and down.

No obvious errors when switching screens

As for the big and small screen switching, I think another area that worries everyone the most is whether there will be errors or even glitches when switching between using the app or browsing the content. The author was unable to test too many application scenarios due to the short testing time. However, I tried browsing the web with the built-in browser and watching videos with YouTube. Even if the screen was switched while browsing the content, there were no bugs or crashes., The stability is very high, so you don’t have to worry too much.

▲ First, browse the web page with the built-in browser and there will be no display problems before and after the change.

▲ When browsing YouTube videos, they can be played normally before and after switching, and there is no pause when switching video during playback.

▲ However, if you change the screen display during the video phase, even though the shot is still a 4: 3 aspect ratio photo, because the length and width of the photo are adjusted, the effect from the photo will be different. Attention to the extended screen. Vertical content takes less, but horizontal is more.

Summary: New flexible display design looks forward to mass production day

All in all, OPPO X’s new flexible screen app design, which uses a scrolling type, is indeed a very novel approach. On the one hand, you can make the crease relatively less obvious, and on the other hand, in theory, you can enlarge the flexible display even more. Although dust marks are more likely to appear on the screen than on the current screen, this approach is always “not hidden”. I really look forward to OPPO’s early mass production and application of this technology to its flagship phones, so that everyone can use flexible screen mobile phone technology, you can choose one more.

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