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Versatile like few other high-tech companies, Google often resort to updates for its main services. These certainly include Google Photos and Google Maps, in fact subject to small additional enhancements, which steal the show from the ongoing test related to the important and used Google Discover.

For more than 5 years, Google has invited users to make space on their mobile devices, uploading their photos to the Google Photos cloud, with the motivation, according to Google Vice President Anil Sabharwal, who, using the tablet online of high quality, It was offered “nearly identical visual quality“To the original: however, in the advertising of some functions by email cousin, Mountain View has advised users, with compared images, to resort to original quality compared to the high compression, explaining that the first helps to avoid the pixelated effect, has more details and therefore allows them to be enlarged, zoomed in and cropped with greater satisfaction. Not exactly the best, when over 4 billion photos have already been uploaded online.

Perhaps to be forgiven for this mistake, Google has just entered among the Souvenirs its Photobased on what 9to5Google discovered, a new one collection automatically generated, named “Let’s play“: As explained, this collection would group bar games, with certain evidence from many cue games, such as billiards and snooker (a larger group, widespread in China, the UK and the Commonwealth). At the moment, images of other bar games, such as darts, or other table entertainment, such as air hockey, do not appear to be involved either.

For a few days now, Google has been implementing the dark theme in the Android version of Maps which according to some American Redditors, in the US, has also acquired a particular reference to level crossings (“Railroad Crossing”): Compared to Waze, another Mountain View navigation app, where railroad crossings are marked for safety reasons, for example, to warn users in the event of missing bars or crossings. San Andrés, in Google Maps the indication of level crossings provides, through a retractable menu at the bottom, information about possible delays caused by them, estimated based on average delays reported by users.

Next March, Google will launch, in the US, the beta version of its anti-TikTok “Shorts”: in view of this objective, always abroad, Google Discover started to show a carousel of 10 miniatures related to short videos, where the clip title is at the bottom and the YouTube indication is at the top left. Pressing one of these thumbnails opens a YouTube player in full screen, to pause or restart the video, like, read comments and subtitles, share what you have seen. With one strong punch upwards, it goes to the next Short while, on the contrary, it goes back to the previous one: at the moment, it is not known if and when such an experiment will be launched, even internationally.

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