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everything you need to know about the feline


The cat hides the toys and we find them after hours behind the furniture or under the blankets. A common behavior in the feline is to hide the toys that he has fun with at home. Let’s try to understand why the cat does it and how we teachers can react.

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Our furry friend loves to play. One of the most beautiful things that living with the cat gives us is his passion for the activities that he wants to share with us. The domestic cat can greatly appreciate the home life full of creative and stimulating games for him. A teacher soon learns to understand his cat’s personal tastes, even if the animal can sometimes mislead us with curious gestures or actions. For example, today let’s see why the cat hides the games, alone or during an activity with us.

The cat loves to hide: what we need to know

The cat is a very imaginative animal. Speaking of games, there is nothing more challenging for him than playing hide and seek. The feline loves to play with its owner and, above all, always win. Let’s read more in the article.

The behavior of the feline
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Playing for the cat is a very important activity. This creature can create a game with anything and can be distracted and have fun with nothing, like in the game of hide and seek. The feline especially likes to hide and is very good at it.. We are talking about an animal that could remain still and calm for hours, in a hidden place, before revealing itself to its master, infallible in a game in which it manages to disappear. But why does Kitty like to hide so much?

This behavior has its origin in its evolution: the feline has always been used to being a predator and prey at the same time, an animal in constant movement to survive. Some of their attitudes, therefore, have remained the same and are expressed through different activities, safer and with a domestic stamp. The natural predatory instinct of the cat is always hidden in him. and it can come out at any time, expressing itself in typical gestures that seem strange to our eyes.

At home, the cat may decide to hide even if it is not a game. It can be a sense of security or protection. a need for solitude away from it all, a way to relax in silence in the time it takes. Often the cat that hides may suffer from any ailment or discomfort, such as anxiety and stress in the cat, or you may want to signal the presence of a serious illness that prompts him to withdraw and isolate himself. The furry can hide to rest and sleep a little, especially if it is always surrounded by children. This can be a feline weakness or a need for relaxation.

Most loved cat games

The furry can have fun with very little, the important thing is that he is always stimulated by a master who is happy to be with him. In addition to the game of hide and seek in the most unthinkable places in the house, such as furniture and cabinets, the cat appreciates games that are also suitable for the children of the family: sticks and chopsticks to show him and then pull him. Strings and shaking feathers allow him to express his wild and hidden nature and to be totally himself, chasing the cat’s predatory instinct. The game, for the cat, is nothing more than a hunting simulation in a domestic key.

The feline loves to search, chase, wait and find, releasing all those movements and impulses that make it unique. Plastic bags and bottles are among the simple and suitable games for our animal, along with spring games with balls To make him understand, every game at home can stimulate and cheer him up in an easy way. Besides chasing the ground a small plush toy in the shape of a mouse, is for him a fantastic game and with boring hands. You know, the cat loves to hunt mice and even if it is fiction for him it is a satisfaction.

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The cat hides the toys: that’s why he does it

As we have seen, the cat loves to hide. But why is he so fond of hiding his games too? Let’s see what it means when Kitty does this.

The feline hides the games
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The four-legged friend can express himself in attitudes that we consider unusual, such as hiding games. In fact, many strange behaviors and compulsive actions, such as stereotypes in the cat, Reveal a condition of discomfort or discomfort in the animal.. Each of his gestures has a precise meaning that he wants to communicate to us. Let’s see what she wants to tell us, then, when Kitty hides her toys behind furniture or in difficult places around the house. Why do you want us to find them and bring them back?

The motivation for this gesture in the furry is related. to his natural and wild instinct. The cat hides the things and objects that he considers his property in a safe place that only he can know. It is that desire to leave a mark on what belongs to him, marking it. In other cases, however, it may simply be a need to get the attention of your human friend, to inform you of a condition of discomfort or a form of stress. It is important to observe each gesture of the cat to get to know it and help it if necessary.

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