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Withdrawals to Unemployment Insurance: Lavín’s proposal against the third withdrawal of 10%

The mayor of the Las Condes commune, Joaquín Lavín, announced his proposal yesterday in the face of the discussion of the third withdrawal of 10% of the provisional funds, and with which, as he explained, people could withdraw up to one million pesos and a guaranteed minimum of 400 thousand pesos.

As he explained in T13 Noche, instead of promoting a third withdrawal of 10% of the AFPs, would use AFC funds (Unemployment Fund Administrator) – where “there are accumulated 12 billion dollars”, so that people have resources.

“No one has looked at these funds, but each of us Chileans have an individual account in which our quotation goes and that solidarity fund is next to it,” he said.

In that sense, he added, “If we need to reach Chilean families with resources and fresh money, let’s first use these silver, those of the AFC, because they are silvers that are precisely … the system (that of the AFC) was designed to face unemployment, economic emergency situations ”.

“My proposal is to allow a withdrawal – as well as the withdrawal of the AFPs – from the AFC, made by 10 and a half million Chileans, with a maximum of 1 million pesos and a guaranteed minimum of 400 thousand pesos. He who does not have money in the individual account, is the Solidarity Fund, “he explained.

As the mayor explained, this was a proposal that he saw as “more supportive” than a third withdrawal, since it “does not leave out” the 3 million people who no longer have anything to withdraw from their AFPs because they have no funds left.

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“If they make me choose between continuing to get money out of retirement, in circumstances that we want to make a pension reform to put money on pensions, or get money from this other fund where you have 12 billion dollars … I draw from this other fund“, Held.

According to your proposal, a total of A total of 10.5 million Chileans would benefit and could withdraw 50% of what they have accumulated in their individual account, with a limit of 1 million pesos, guaranteeing that the minimum withdrawal is 400 thousand pesos.