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Expanded Edition book pops up for pre-order •

Expanded Edition guide pops up for pre-order • Eurogamer.web

An Artwork of the Mass Result Trilogy: Expanded Edition ebook has popped up for pre-get, with a 23rd February 2021 release day.

This new ebook includes hundreds of in no way-prior to-found will work of artwork, according to its description on the likes of Amazon and somewhere else.

Here’s the formal blurb:

“Contains considerable new substance from the DLCs for all 3 video games – which includes the award-profitable Lair of the Shadow Broker from Mass Influence 2 and the supporter-favorite Citadel from Mass Influence 3.

“Experience the evolution of the aliens, planets, ships, and technological know-how that define this iconic science fiction universe, as the developers who brought BioWare’s masterpiece to lifestyle choose you from the earliest design and style sketches via to the meticulous last renders.

“Brimming with principle art and commentary, this expanded edition is the supreme companion to 1 of the best series in the heritage of gaming!”

Now, the expose of this Mass Result art e-book on its very own isn’t really notably revelatory, but in the context of sturdy rumours developer BioWare is doing work on a remaster of Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3, it’s unquestionably attention-grabbing. Could the book’s February 2021 release date level to a release timing for the unannounced trilogy remaster?