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Extensive 2023 system at PWV Lambrecht

PWV Lambrecht’s annual approach for 2023 is underway, at minimum about. The area team on your own options five hikes to the club’s forest cabin in the lambert cross. Of class, customers of the club frequently pass by “its” operator Andre (Distel) and take pleasure in the services and their food items. Even common targets like “Hohe Loog“, “cranium shack“, the Kohlbachtal or the “Liechtenstein hut“ They are back again on the tour record.
Of program, the association also participates in march of goats and participated in the parade of Lambrecht Kerwe. Guests are usually welcome on treks.

With the Napoleonsteig or the region all-around the municipality of Schönau im Wasgau, or the wolf okay (in Ungstein) there are also much more unique places on the agenda. Club member Klaus Kimmel demonstrates off his wonderful Black Forest once more on a day. The multi-day trek gets to be a tradition. This time it truly is in the Bregenzerwald.

The finish hiking program can be identified on the club’s site ( can be downloaded now, while some dates are still unsure.
With the cultural conference “Castle, Fortress and Metropolis of Homburg” and the “Organic History Tour in Haardtrand” it is worthy of noting the additional offer you of the major association ( This is accessible to at minimum all club users, normally visitors as perfectly.