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F1 2020, Hotline Miami and many others

F1 2020, Hotline Miami and many others

Stadia celebrated its first anniversary last month. The service also recently launched on Apple devices and announced the expected arrival of three new games along with many others. These days the cloud gaming platform is launching a series of interesting discounts, in addition to making users aware Stadia Pro what free titles to expect during the month of January.

There are discounts and savings on numerous titles, including Assassin’s Creed, Borderlands and HITMAN, NBA 2K21, PGA TOUR 2K21, and even STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order. But the best deal of all might be in Crayta: Premium Edition, free for everyone until today, January 5. Additionally, the three new titles announced last week are now available for purchase in physical stores.

Google Stadia continues to climb to success in the gaming world, new titles and many discounts are coming

For Pro members, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – Breakthrough Edition is also available now. Cthulhu Save Christmas was also added, described as an RPG that leaves users with a “sense of dread”. Google has officially announced additional titles as the most anticipated: F1 2020, Hotline Miami, Figment, Ary and the secret of the seasons.

Stadia has had a busy holiday season so far and it could be even busier before the end of the year. It appears that Google is experimenting with offering new Stadia accounts a Stadia Pro trial for about 30 minutes. An undoubtedly short period of time but one that could help users clear their minds about the pros and cons of this paid service.

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