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F1 Mobile Racing 2021 lands on Android and iOS with graphical improvements and many other novelties

Lorenzo Delli

Lorenzo Delli

You may have played F1 Mobile Racing on your mobile devices before. The original title landed on Android and iOS in 2018. However, EA and CodeMasters announce today the availability of the 2021 season racing game, a season that brings many new features, including a revamped graphics sector.

Among the salient features, in addition to the aforementioned improved graphics which according to EA is comparable to the experience of a console, there is also a multiplayer system reviewed me Many events to take part in.

Obviously, there is also no lack of all the news related to the 2021 Formula 1 season, since it is the officially licensed game of the competition.

The Research and Development system has also been modified, with the incorporation of new components for cars, mechanics, tools and technologies, etc. For those who played the title in 2020, there is a free update of the cars in the updated version. The same applies to all collected pieces.

Too bad, graphically, no adjustments have been made to make the most of the most powerful devices. the to download however it remains free, and they are obviously present optional in-app purchases. We leave you with the download links, with some screenshots and with the launch trailer for the new season.

F1 Mobile Racing – Play Store

F1 Mobile Racing – App Store

F1 Mobile Racing 2021 – Photo