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Facebook metaverse: Life in the virtual world: how is it possible?

Facebook metaverse: Life in the virtual world: how is it possible?

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Mark Zuckerberg, president of Facebook, has revealed plans to transform his company into a Metaverse in the next five years.

Metaverse is an online world. There users can play games, look for work or interact directly with each other. The advantage of this is that all of this can be done using a virtual reality headset in a virtual environment.

Mark describes metawares as something that might interest you, rather than just looking at something on the Internet.

Mark told The Verge that people shouldn’t live off constantly glowing rectangular electronic devices.

He also spoke of the dependence on mobile phones, as “humans are not used to talking like this.”

“In the many meetings that take place today, you see so many faces on one screen. Still, we shouldn’t go through with this.”

Infinite office

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He was first able to find a 3D concert on a mobile phone with a metaware processor they gave him and then be able to enter it virtually.

“It gave the impression that all the people were in the same place, even though many people were in different places. And that 3D renderer brought different new experiences than dancing and exercising … it couldn’t give a 2D renderer or web pages. ” He says.

Facebook is developing a new feature called ‘Infinite Office’. In it, users can create a good working environment as they see fit.

Facebook continues to invest heavily in virtual technology. Facebook recently acquired Oculus, a manufacturer of virtual devices, for $ 2 billion.

In 2019, Facebook created an online virtual site called Horizon. Users can talk to cartoons on the site using Oculus headsets.

Mark Zuckerberg admits that today’s headphones are outdated and outdated. We need to improve it as people work on it all day.

Facebook’s metaverse processor can be used in virtual reality, AR augmented reality, on a regular computer, on mobile phones, or on video game consoles.

Launch of Metaverse

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Technology companies believe that MetaWorks will be a new three-dimensional Internet. Businesses hope that this site, which connects the digital world, will allow people to move virtually.

These metawares were first reported in Neil Stephenson’s 1992 science fiction novel Snow Crash.

Tech companies have tried to bring the Meadows device to video games like Animal Crossing, Fortnight, and Roblox.

Hundreds of live concerts and contests were planned. Millions of users around the world can interact with each other.

Behavioral data

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“The large amount of data available when a user uses the site is why people invest so much in devices like Facebook VR or AR,” says Verdi McIntosh, a virtual reality expert at the University of the West of England.

Tech giants like Facebook are controlling the space. But traditional conservative governments are forced to adapt to changing technologies. This, he says, could cause problems down the road.

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