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Fiber Optics Brings Fast Internet to 1,600 Users in the City of Havel

Fiber Optics Brings Rapidly Online to 1,600 Customers in the Town of Havel

The fiber optic expansion job as part of the federal funding task for broadband expansion officially kicked off with a symbolic opening ceremony on Wednesday at Alte Potsdamer Landstrasse. Deutsche Telekom experienced by now been awarded the agreement for the development functions in Havelstadt in July 2019.

This will give 1,460 properties, 135 companies and 16 educational facilities a fiber optic link. By the conclusion of 2022, Telekom will set up all-around 500 kilometers of fiber optics and set up pretty much 80 new fiber optic distributors. With this new fiber optic link, the utmost obtain pace raises up to 1 gigabit for every next (GBit / s).

Upload velocity boosts up to 200 megabits for every second. The connections offer all the prospects for digital and rapid purposes, this sort of as streaming video clip, video games or performing from residence. It is also acceptable for technologies these types of as virtual truth, telemedicine, and the intelligent household. For this, the fiber optic cable is not only laid on the road, but also inside the residence as part of the financing application.

This funding plan is 100% funded by the federal authorities and the state of Brandenburg, which share the essential 6.5 million euros similarly. “Despite the good enhancement of our metropolis, there are even now white places, specifically in the peripheral places. These are the locations in which download speeds of significantly less than 30 Mbit / s can be realized, ”said Mayor Steffen Scheller. At the identical time, he asked the inhabitants for their knowing for the various design web-sites in the metropolis that must be accepted at this time to boost the speed of the Internet.

The new fiber optic cable is incredibly slim and even now handles a large amount. A phase with its only 9 micrometers (that is, 9 thousandths of a millimeter) can source up to 32 homes by way of 1 coupler. In common, a cable going from the distributor to the client has a cross portion of 6 millimeters and incorporates 12 unique phases.