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Zuckerberg's "nail" for Apple

Zuckerberg’s “nail” for Apple

THE Mark Zuckerberg left advice for Apple in his posts about Facebook with which he announced changes.

The “nail” of the creator of the platform referred to Apple’s 30% charge on transactions.

“It just came to our knowledge then metaverse, we focus on generating opportunities for creators to earn income with their work. “Apple’s 30% transaction fee makes this more difficult, so we are updating our subscription products so creators can earn more money,” Zuckerberg wrote.

“We are launching a promotional link for creators, for their subscription offers.” When people who sign up use this link, the creators will keep all the money they earn (less taxes), “he explained.

“Creators will have more ownership of their audience.” We give them the opportunity to download the email addresses of all their new subscribers, “Zuckerberg wrote.

It also announced a bonus program, which “will pay creators for each of their new subscribers as part of the $ 1 billion investment we announced this summer.” More will come. ”

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