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When EASports announced that FIFA 21 would be upgraded on the PS5 (free if you already own the PS4 version), we kept our expectations low. I enjoyed FIFA 21 on the PS4 and the football sim was really starting to show its age. It was rough compared to other blockbuster sports titles like MLB The Show 20 and NBA 2K21.

In us FIFA 21 PS4 ReviewI wrote about how FIFA needs to be improved as we move to the new console generation. Again, I didn’t expect much from the PS5 upgrade, but it’s here. FIFA 21 on the PS5 is a huge step forward, especially in terms of visuals, reminding us of the busy days when FIFA 14 first hit the PS4 in 2013 and surprised us with the next generation of swaggers.

Let’s start with the most obvious improvement, graphics. Without a doubt, PS5’s FIFA 21 is the most realistic looking football sim ever made. Sure, you can still sometimes opt for those weird wooden player animations, but at first glance it looks real. The level of detail for some players is obsessed with boundaries. After spending a few minutes circling around the camera around Roberto Firmino’s surreal Noggin, FIFA 21 concluded that the eccentric Brazilian striker looks more real than it really is.

Well, that may be a bit exaggerated, but you understand the point. Do you know what impressed us more than the little little tattoo on Neymar’s neck? hair. EA Sports has implemented some sort of mysterious hair technology that lets you see long rocks flowing eerily and realistically. Whether Edinson Cavani jumps into the air in search of a towering header, or Alison Becker jumps into a distant post to reach a particular goal, the individual hairs move almost exactly. Isn’t it an exaggeration to say that FIFA 21 actually has the best hair I’ve ever seen in a video game? I can’t say for sure — the animation is so good that it’s a bit distracting — but it’s certainly there.

However, as is always the case with FIFA (and popular sports games), some players aren’t very lucky. FIFA 21 still suffers from the fact that not all footballers scan their faces and incorporate them into the game in all of the prosperity of the next generation. Top talents now look so real that players cursed with a regular face look even worse than before. The gap is undoubtedly widening, making quality differences more unpleasant than ever.

I don’t know the solution. I wish EA Sports could scan all Engage players in FIFA, but even one of the most profitable video game companies in the world, it’s a difficult order. A more logical approach is to overhaul the in-game player creation tools (which are now significantly obsolete). This will eventually fix the entire dazzling golem ham problem that so many players are currently doing.

But to be honest, the fact that Liverpool’s rising star Curtis Jones has a pure nightmare look in FIFA 21 doesn’t have a big impact on the game. Still unfortunate, most of the time I’m looking at the player from a distance. Seen from a distance, FIFA 21 looks pure white. The new default camera angle (which is intended to reflect what you see on your TV) helps sell the scale of each arena as you swing up and down the pitch. The stadium itself, on the other hand, has greatly benefited from the improved lighting engine. The additional mood this brings to the table should not be underestimated, and a more detailed crowd model has long been awaited.

However, the crowd still doesn’t look good.Again, when the camera is pulled back and watching the match, new crowd animations and additional details will help bring the stadium to life... But even closer, these supporters have an eerie mannequin-like quality. Another visual factor that feels left behind by the rest of the next generation upgrade.

So what about gameplay? Well, EA Sports said the animations in play will be improved in the next-generation console, allowing for more fluid control. I don’t think there’s anything to scream, but I’ve noticed some details of the player’s movements.That’s all Slightly Whether it’s Chiago aiming for the next pass or seeing Messi putting the ball in someone’s foot, it’s smooth. It’s a small improvement, but it sums up.

There are a lot of FIFA 21 when it comes to PS5-specific improvements. Pre-match skill games are not enabled by default because there is no load time.[マッチを再生]Just click to display the menu. Similarly, the menu is displayed instantly. There are no annoying stutters or slight input delays when opening the menu. Everything is just … immediate.

FIFA 21 also uses a DualSense controller. Tactile feedback isn’t as surprising as something like Astro’s Playroom, but it’s a solid endeavor. Thanks to the small vibrations, you can feel each step the player takes. Small vibrations become more and more aggressive as they plunge into the sprint. The same is true when you hit the ball. When you shoot a lightning strike from 30 yards, DualSense gives off a noticeable “pounding”. To be honest, it’s pretty cool and makes the package even more immersive.

And then there is the adaptive trigger. For example, if the player is tired, it will be difficult to push down L2, so for a moment I feel like I have to make some effort to cross the pitch. Another great addition, but more serious gamers will want to turn it off because things get so difficult.


FIFA 21 on PS5 is a surprisingly important next-generation upgrade. Simply put, this is the best virtual football we’ve ever seen on a PlayStation, and with many immersive features, it’s the best version of FIFA in years.

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