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Maybe Shadowbringer was too kind about the world we are in-Eorzea’s outlook


One of the best parts of FINAL FANTASY XIV Storylines are a way for the protagonist to be woven into the story as a true hero. In Eorzea, “Adventurers” do their best by default, but you’re showing a desire to go beyond your abilities, with just a little stumbling block into a wider conspiracy. In that case, it’s no coincidence that you find yourself surrounded by casts who often make mistakes and always want to do better for themselves and others.

However, given the world situation, it is unpleasant to see sincerity as a frequent motive.Some stories of FFXIV To act with baseline level respect, put a great deal of trust in many of the key characters. It feels naive in this era, especially when compared to the deeper, more problematic characters and settings that exist elsewhere in the game.


Alfinault stands in front of Elmore’s citizens and is ashamed of the abuse and wealth of his hired servants as he defeats Ranjit and drives Vaultry out of Ulmore to reach the most straightforward example of goodwill coming from the left fielder. I will. He warmly apologizes to the citizens for the people they abused and asks them to help rebuild the brighter Eulmore.

The following is heartwarming. With some resistance, Ulmore citizens understand his logic and the cruelty they have given to workers. In addition, everyone agrees to assist players and descendants in building tools. This allows a person who can fight to reach Vaultry and defeat him forever. It only took the Vaultry excavation as a literal cannibal enabler, but resistance remains minimal.

These changes are a cutscene issue, but sudden heel turns are very important for the plot. Shadow Bringer It’s difficult to shake it off. Don’t get me wrong. The unique tenderness of Chai-Nuzz and Dulia-Chai is certainly part of their character’s appeal. It adds a layer of empathy and further cooperates the warriors of light and descendants. It is probably the worst criminal of how unrealistic a sudden shift between good and bad intentions is.

And as for Vaultry, FFXIV, Like any other media, its villain coding and storytelling needs to permanently defeat any particular adversary, despite what we may feel about them and their behind-the-scenes stories. I believe it’s enough to convince us. It even trusts the hero’s journey, its good, kind leadership and boldness will overwhelm cruelty. As far as our reality is concerned, we do not eat the dead and transformed companions exactly, but the loud denial of medical remedies for a pandemic-stricken country, and the existence of a pandemic. I don’t think denying is dull enough for many, either. (Tritto, I know, wow.)

This is the most obvious and terrible example, but not the first.After the event Heaven Seward Uncovering the falsehoods of the aristocrats, the bitter citizens and the frightened lords of Ishgard come together to create a more equitable country. There is also the Ishgardian Restoration, which is flooded with donations to build homes and markets for the citizens of Ishgard. All I have is time. Sure, some consider aristocrats to be enemies, but such factions are no match for the grand support of peace. It sheds light on how sincerity moves society forward.

I don’t care that the character “gets better”. It is absolutely part of the satisfaction of being a warrior of light (or darkness): By our actions we have set an example for others to obey. We bring moments of hope, joy and rest. But these particular stories feel like we just walk and switch on and make the general public better after one or two good fights.Especially jarring Shadow Bringer Again, that’s because it advances the story in a very important way.

On the other hand, returning to Earth, evil deeds are seen after evil deeds during decades and centuries of war and conquest. As a result, I lose confidence in real people monitoring their flaws and finding some kindness in their minds to those who are not exactly involved. .. And in many cases it is nothing more than a fear of wealth instability.

Indeed, such intent exists frankly FFXIV,Also. The attempted assassination of Nanamo ul Namo, who wanted a government of justice, and the corruption and penetration of the neutral Crystal Braves are some of the most memorable and beloved stories. FFXIV.. Sad players feel for those who wanted to do it, and getting better is certainly not a small part of the reason. These iconic stories have been hit harder than ever, given the kind of reckless and evil ideology we witness in the real world from governments, businesses and individuals. Just a few days ago, Google was charged with crushing the union after dismissing the union last year. Amazon has literally hired Pinkerton to spy on its employees. And even through “progressive” governments, many of the government whistleblowers we have seen in the last decade have been kicked out and punished.

In short, many consider underprivileged citizens to be enemies, whether in employment or daily interaction, whether they are somehow connected to underprivileged people. The truth is that facts and statistics, and even friendships through the workplace, have only been done so far to combat prejudice. Many believe what they want about a class or group as a whole. Maybe I’m tired of personally knowing enough people who aren’t motivated by aggressive malice, but instead selfishness, disconnection and greed. However, selfishness, discontinuity, and greed often do not heal so easily. FFXIV In particular, it claims that it is not as simple as Shadow Bringer Insist. For many, it takes a truly personal moment to make a difference, and one should not expect those affected by atrocities to put it on their shoulders.

on the other hand, FFXIV Instead, we delve a little deeper into the realistic expectations of humanity’s evil through the following scenarios: Storm Blood, The atmosphere is much more interesting to it. Storm Blood You are often asked to treat NPCs of all levels as humans and forgive them to survive.

The main friction is in the areas that the Girly Empire ruled for decades: the Far East and Gil Albania. Over the years, a generation of war and oppression, or for the older generation, will affect the kindness and hope of the people of these regions. Young people are enthusiastically hired by the local girly army, and young people who are not hired live for fear of slaughter and labor. Their selfishness is rooted in the desire to be treated with humanity and value. Unfortunately, many people wear enemy armor and point their weapons at you, even if you push them back into the empire. Even one of the players’ most trusted allies at the Bojan Southern Front was already against us from the beginning.

But that doesn’t mean that no one can redeem, and FFXIV It shines when you dance between those lines.She is unpopular and not much discussed, but I personally appreciate how Storm Blood Treats the Gyr Albanian Fordolarem Lupis, who was defeated by the Girly as commander. Eventually, she is asked to confront her own tragedy and trauma outweigh the greater good, and she saves a group of regional leaders after a major change of mind.

Maybe there is hope that this thematic introspection will come back soon. post-Shadow Bringer The quest means that the focus is back on Garlemand and its problematic lands. And even without a final raid on the city, it’s already given a complex story about the scale of destruction that troubled soldiers and imperialism can do to their victims. I hope the new expansion revisits the psychological disruption that terrible leadership and ideals can bring to the masses. Or it may remind you that some people want to go beyond rational reimbursement and be aggressively cruel, as they finally stop hitting around the bushes and the musk of power remains in their weapons. Hmm.

Not only did I enjoy working with dignified characters and shining a light of hope, but I’m also a little more interested. FFXIV Let’s return to dealing with the complexity of power and selfishness. After all, it’s obviously never been circumvented before, so why stop now?

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