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FIFA 22: monitor server health and health - News

FIFA 22: monitor server health and health – News

Whether it’s to follow up on an issue or to roll out an update, you may one day or another have trouble starting FIFA 22 and joining a game, on PC, Xbox or PlayStation, whether you play online with friends or not. That’s why we explain how to tell if FIFA 22 servers are under maintenance (down) or if the problem could be yours.

Maintenance FIFA 22, servers down or online?

Most of the time, FIFA 22 servers will be offline as an update approaches and a corrective patch is applied. So that it doesn’t bother gamers too much, EA Sports tries to limit them, but sometimes it takes longer than expected. It is also possible that servers are down without maintenance due to various issues. If you’re having trouble logging into Battle Royale, here are some tips for track the status of FIFA 22 servers.

FIFA 22 servers are not responding

As with many online games, developers notify the community on social media before an update is rolled out. So you can go to the Game Twitter account or the one who shares update information to see if maintenance is in progress or has been announced (if so, a recent tweet will mention it). Otherwise you can go to multiple sites like help.EA, which indicates whether the servers are online (green) or not (red).

However, it could be that the servers are up but you cannot connect to the game or you have problems during your games, it could be your fault. Therefore, we recommend some tips to try to remedy it.

  • Restart your game : If you haven’t already, try restarting FIFA 22.
  • Make sure the game is up to date : In very rare cases, your game may simply be out of date.
  • Restart the PC or console : If, despite everything, you still cannot start a game, feel free to restart your console or your computer.
  • Restart your router : Finally, the last solution is to restart your internet box. In some cases, restarting the router is enough to join an online game.
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If despite everything the discomfort persists, do not hesitate to contact support, who can help you.

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