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Official: What most people search for on Bing is Google


Microsoft’s Bing is the world’s # 2 search engine, right?

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In 2018, the EU ruled in an antitrust lawsuit against Google that the US giant is abusing its power in the field of smartphones because its operating system, Android, comes integrated with its browser (Chrome) and its search engine so default. This statement also came with An unprecedented fine of $ 5 billion.

Three years ahead and Google is still fighting in the EU to try to avoid paying the huge fine, which came a year after another $ 2.7 billion fine, and in legal discussions the tech giant revealed that “Google” is the one. concept that users were looking for. for Microsoft’s most competitive search engine: Bing. Remember, Bing is the world’s # 2 search engine.

“We have presented evidence that the most searched term, by a considerable margin, on Bing is ‘Google’,” Alfonso, a lawyer for Google’s parent company Alphabet, told Madrid at a hearing in the EU General Court.

Alphabet’s lawyer added that users use Google products, like the search engine, for example, because they choose to do so and not because they are required to. He also presented in court a statistic that a survey conducted among consumers showed that 95% of users prefer to use Google as a search engine, over competitors such as Bing, Brave and others.

The attorney’s comments align with those of Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai in a blog post he posted a day after the union announced the fine. Pichai said that in the end, Android devices give users a choice, and they are the ones who choose Google. Additionally, he noted that the devices come with dozens of apps pre-installed, in an attempt to get to the point that Chrome apps and the company’s search engine also come by default with any Android device.

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Google don’t lie

It is important to note that although Google did not flood a source of information that claimed to be the most searched result on Bing, a list of the international SEO company Ahrefs Shows search statistics for the most popular concepts on Bing. – In the US and around the world. Their list shows that ‘Google’ is in fact the most searched word on Bing of the 2021 results so far, with nearly 41 million searches. Second is YouTube, another Google service.

In the United States, on the other hand, Google is not the concept that users have searched the most. There, Facebook takes the top spot, with around 13 million searches, while Google only ranks third. Second place, as in the world list, is occupied by YouTube.

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