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Final Fantasy 14 exceeds 25 million registered accounts

Final Fantasy 14 exceeds 25 million registered accounts

According to the latest figures released by Square Enix a few hours before the launch of the Endwalker extension, FF14 just surpassed 25 million accounts.

Final Fantasy XIV has established itself this year as one of the main games of the moment. In quick succession, the Square Enix title broke records. By becoming the most profitable of the license for example, or by surpassing the undisputed master of the MMORPG so far.

While its next big expansion, Endwalker, has been postponed until next week, the future is bright for the game.

In the latest data published by the editor, we learn that FF14 now has more than 25 million registered accounts around the world. These figures take into account all versions of the version. A kingdom reborn.

However, be careful, we are talking about registered accounts here, which may differ from the number of actually active accounts. It is also necessary to eliminate those that have double accounts. However, it is still a great success for the title, which announced last April only 22 million.

For those who are registered for early access to Endwalker, remember that the game will be available from this Friday, December 3. It will then be released on the 7th for PC, PS4, and PS5.

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