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The “Panda Controller” for Nintendo Switch / GC / PC was announced. Multi-functional controller similar to a GC developed by the e-sports team: AUTOMATON


On December 2, Panda Global e-sports team’s hardware division Panda Hardware announced the Nintendo Switch / GameCube / PC controller “Panda Controller” and launched the Kickstarter campaign. The initial target amount of $ 100,000 (about 11 million yen) has been exceeded in less than an hour from inception and commercialization has already been decided.

Panda Controller is a Nintendo Switch / GameCube / PC controller with a style reminiscent of the Nintendo GameCube controller. Panda Global has esports gamers whose main battleground is the Super Smash Bros. series, and it says that the GameCube controller is still the best way to play the series in competition. However, due to issues such as availability, it is said to have developed a Panda Controller that incorporates its own specifications.

The basic style and button layout of this unit are based on the GameCube controller. On top of that, Nintendo Switch HOME button, Capture button, ZL button, etc. have been added. Buttons are also added to the back of the left and right grips. The ABXY button has a rounded shape with rounded corners, making it easy for your fingers to move to each button. In addition, the cross key, ON / OFF vibration function, trigger push distance adjustment function, weight engagement / disengagement mechanism that can adjust the weight and other specifications that emphasize the use in competition are adopted. .


We also emphasize customization of appearance, and the case on the front of the controller can be easily replaced. It seems that it is attached only with a magnet. The sale of spare parts has been decided to achieve the ambitious goal of the Kickstarter campaign, and it seems that it will be possible to buy covers and buttons of different colors.

This unit is basically a wired controller and is equipped with a USB Type-C terminal. A conversion cable to GameCube is also available. However, by placing an expansion pack on the back, it is possible to connect to Nintendo Switch / PC via Bluetooth. It also works as a wireless controller. Expansion packs are sold separately.

In the past, Panda Global has developed and sold the “Ultimate GameCube Adapter” for the Nintendo GameCube Controller Adapter and Nintendo Switch Dock. Feelings for the combination of the GameCube controller and the “Super Smash Bros.” series they seem to be extraordinary. Next year, it has also decided to host the first official game of Nintendo’s tour of the series in North America. However, please note that the Panda Controller itself is not an officially licensed Nintendo product.

Panda Controller is looking for development funds on Kickstarter. At the time of writing, about $ 650,000 (about 74 million yen) has been raised, far exceeding the initial target amount of $ 100,000, and marketing has been decided. A Panda Controller can be had with an investment of 90 dollars (approximately 10,216 yen) or more, and the shipping time is December 2022. Also, the expansion pack “Wireless Pack” that can be converted into a wireless controller mentioned above can be added for $ 30 (approximately 3400 yen). It can be selected as a complement during the investment procedure.The detail isCampaign PageI want you to confirm.

* It seems there is also the idea of ​​introducing Panda Controller to Japanese gamers.

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