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Final Fantasy 14 is gaining popularity on Steam and Twitch

Final Fantasy 14 is gaining popularity on Steam and Twitch

Final Fantasy XIV MMORPG continues to gain popularity thanks to the arrival of famous streamers to the game.

The Steam version famous MMORPG Square Enix just broke a new attendance record never before recorded. In fact, Final Fantasy XIV has arrived Sunday, July 4 the peak of 47,542 simultaneous players.

These figures refer only to the Steam version of the title, as last month it beat the giant World of Warcraft by reaching 2.49 million active players in PC, PS4 Y PS5.

The famous American streamer Asmongold He is no stranger to this sudden surge in popularity. The player of World of warcraft decided to try his luck in another MMORPG and it is a great success as he has accumulated 211,733 spectators during his first broadcast on FF14 Saturday July 3.

Another American streamer, CohhCarnage, also contributed to the building by reaching 21 168 viewers at the Square Enix MMO.

Next to him Final Fantasy XIV category on Twitch has reached the top of 221 337 spectators advancing World of warcraft or even Valorant, for a moment.

If you are interested in this MMORPG, know that the next expansion, Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker the November 23, 2021 on PS4, PS5 Y personal computer. Also the title is free up to level 60 including the first extension for all new players.

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