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Final Fantasy Origin serait le jeu PC/PS5 développé en secret chez Square Enix, avec Team Ninja aux commandes

Final Fantasy Origin would be the PC / PS5 game secretly developed at Square Enix, with Team Ninja at the helm

Do you remember Last week’s rumor about part of Square Enix’s E3 2021 schedule ? Well today has taken off and now we have a possible title and various information for the mysterious Final Fantasy, namely Final Fantasy Origin.

In addition to the leak from 3 days ago, here is a salvo of inside information, including the famous Imran Khan from the Fanbyte site (by the way, your article was even shared by Jason schreier, which says it all), they just rocked the sauce on Final Fantasy Origin. But what is that, Final Fantasy Origin? Here are all the details that have been given, always to be taken with a grain of salt as long as it is not official but at this stage, you can hardly doubt the veracity of the following:

  • As its name suggests, Final Fantasy Origin would take place in the universe of the first Final Fantasy.
  • The game would be developed by Team Ninja, responsible for Nioh, Ninja Gaiden, etc. The studio has already worked on Final Fantasy with Final Fantasy Dissidia NT.
  • Available first on PlayStation 5 and then on PC.
  • The opening is said to be scheduled for E3.
  • An alpha demo would be available this summer, as would the Niohs. This essay would even have a name, namely Stranger in Paradise.
  • Final Fantasy Origin would be close to Nioh or other games of the genre (like Souls, what) in its playability, at the same time that it would be more accessible.
  • The marketing would be ready to go, the software logo as well as the demo plans would have already been leaked.

Naturally, plans can change at any time, especially due to the leaks, but one thing’s for sure, this Final Fantasy Origin seems to be a reality and it shouldn’t be long before it shows up.