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Use the secret typewriter font on WhatsApp


Would you like to surprise your chat partner on WhatsApp? Then we have exactly the right advice for you. TECHBOOK reveals how to write messages on a typewriter.

Every day we write countless messages with the WhatsApp messaging service to our acquaintances and friends. More simply in the standard WhatsApp font. There are also three alternatives that most of you are already familiar with: italics, strikethrough, and bold. But there is another WhatsApp font: the typewriter font. Remember the script “Courier” with Microsoft Word and Co ..

This is what the typewriter font looks like

With its trendy retro look, this font appears to have been written on a typewriter. A real eye-catcher for all your WhatsApp contacts! It is true that the difference with the standard font in WhatsApp is not particularly great, as the photo shows, but at least it is.

Here is the font comparison: typewriter font above, normal version below. Photo: TECHBOOK

How to type on a typewriter on WhatsApp

Actually, the modified font is written quite simply. For typewriter writing, you only need three graves with French accents before and after the desired text area. As soon as the message is sent, the text appears in retro font.

Just insert three grave accents before and after the desired text and the WhatsApp user will be typing in a typewriter look.
Just insert three grave accents before and after the desired text and the WhatsApp user will be typing in a typewriter look.Photo: TECHBOOK

Find the accent grave

There is only one catch: the grave accent has been very well hidden in our cell phones and is therefore not so easy to find. Attention! Because the grave accent should not be confused with the apostrophe. All iOS users select the second level in WhatsApp in writing mode using the button “123”, go to the apostrophe and hold it down. On the far left is the grave accent. To make the character string easier to use, it is better to save it in the keyboard settings below the element text replacement. Simply select an otherwise unusual character sequence, such as “ooo”, as a shortcut for all three bass accents to appear.

WhatsApp writing field
Here’s how it works with the iPhone: the grave accent is hidden in the typing field below “123”. Photo: TECHBOOK

The font works differently on an Android device. Users also open through the button “123” the special characters, on the second page is the grave accent.

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