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Final Fantasy VII: First Soldier Coming in November – Games

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier will be released in November for mobile devices. This was revealed on a Square Enix live stream during the Tokyo Game Show. Improvements made based on closed beta feedback are also discussed.

The game will launch in November for iOS and Android. According to the manufacturers, there are no plans to release the game for PC or console. The game can also be pre-ordered from October. During the same life It was revealed at the Tokyo Game Show.

After the game was announced in February, a closed beta was released over the summer. During the Tokyo Game Show live stream, the producers revealed the changes made based on feedback on this beta. There was a lot of demand for the option to play on a console. So the console supports Added to the end. it’s more There will be a training mode Practice with weapons and other attacks. In addition, the Tutorial bulldozer, where a clearer distinction will be made between the explanation of the controls and the explanation of the game. Finally there Added a new ninja class.which focuses on stealth.

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier takes place thirty years before the events of Final Fantasy 7. The intention is to fight other players as a soldier, until there is only one left. Players can choose their class and fight each other with different weapons. The game will not include a story mode.

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This isn’t the only Final Fantasy mobile game currently in the works. For example, in February, simultaneously with The First Soldier, the single-player game Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Ever Trailer, which should offer a more narrative adventure.