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The battery data of the Samsung Galaxy S22 has been revealed and is not encouraging

The battery data of the Samsung Galaxy S22 has been revealed and is not encouraging

After rumors that Samsung will finally launch the Galaxy S21 FE considerably late, almost a year after the launch of the flagship series, it now seems that the company is expected. cancel you Smartphone launch And leave it once and for all. Now it seems that the Korean tech giant is focusing on launching the Galaxy S22 series that will be launched during January-February 2022 and now that we are several months away from launch, the rumors about the next flagship device are starting to leak and it already seems like There can be a big disappointment.

Samsung is not known for the long battery life of its smartphones, and certainly not in flagship devices, and it seems that the problem is not going to be solved in the next flagship device either. If the regulatory information is correct, it appears that the Galaxy S22 battery will have a lower capacity than the Galaxy S21, which means that despite changes to the cheaper processor, the Galaxy S22 is expected to run for less time than the Galaxy S21.

Samsung Galaxy S22 battery. Image source: SamMobile

In a leaked image that appears to be destined for approval by the Korean regulatory official, the battery volume is 3,700 mAh. Sense – Less than 300 mAh. Why would Samsung want to reduce battery capacity? One of the main battery consumers of the smartphone is the screen. Recently, it is estimated that Samsung has reduced the screen size to 6.02 inches instead of 6.2 inches. Also, it is claimed that the new processor will be cheaper than the current one. The combination of these two facts could explain why Samsung probably thinks that the battery capacity can be reduced.

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At this point, it is not clear whether the battery life will be significantly damaged, but any change in battery capacity can affect, certainly as already today, the Galaxy S21 model does not particularly excel in battery life.

source: Sammobile