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Five aspects of gambling that have improved with technology


You can ask any demographic what first comes to mind if they hear the word ‘gambling’ and the answer will differ. Older people would think of a very lively luxury hotel with bright lights and an entire day of escape from their daily woes. Others would imagine a dark-lit saloon with a table full of cards and chips surrounded by rugged men. 

Some might subconsciously remember loud rattling machines in arcades next to the shooting galleries. Young adults in 2020 might vividly remember being in a bingo place with their grandparents or aunts.

All of these are valid descriptions of what gambling is because this is one of the most widespread practices in the world. Also as a genuinely profitable business, people try to improve how gambling is experienced and how it reaches those who are actively looking for it. Today, people can find casino games not only in physical places but also in cyberspace. Here are five aspects of gambling that has improved with the help of innovative technology:

1. Accessibility: The internet

One of the biggest problems of gamblers is finding the time so they can go to a good casino. This problem is solved when slots and table games appeared in commercial spaces like arcades and dedicated gambling saloons. This change was significant as it helped so many people. 

The development of the internet further helped the accessibility of casinos to their patrons. The first game to be played online was launched way back in the 1970s but the first game to accept wagers with real money was in 1996 by InterCasino

Today, so many new online casinos are competing in the world wide web. Each one is trying to offer the best bonuses and games, or the fastest deposit and withdrawal. Easy access and the creation of daily bonuses, loyalty programmes, and special promotions incentivizes daily visits. 

Players no longer need to file a vacation leave just so they can sit down in front of a slot or mingle with strangers at the poker tables. All of that can be done at the comfort of one’s home using a device that fits in their pocket. All they need is 15 minutes of break time or less.

2. Security and quality of life improvement

The blockchain technology was introduced as a decentralized alternative to traditional banking. People were given the power to buy and sell with whomever they wish without asking permission from the bank to use one’s own money. What blockchain also did was make money transfer more direct and affordable. 

Casino operators sought to capitalize on this convenient network by accepting the local currencies of those platforms. People who mined cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin may use their generated token to play instead of having to transfer money from their savings account. 

Using cryptocurrency for gambling is safer in two ways: firstly, players don’t have to worry about overspending that could drain their savings. Secondly, the blockchain is trustworthy enough because it is mostly automated by independent hardware.

3. Quality of games

Casino operators like bitcasinoio are already competing heavily against each other by offering the best bonuses and overall experience with their website. However, their game providers are also trying to one-up each other with the kinds of games that they make. Normal slots and card games can only go so far, but the improvement of technology is endless!

Slot games started being creative by moving away from the usual wheels and lines. Some took inspiration from popular video games such as using unique animations and engaging luck-based bonuses. Others would sometimes push beyond what is familiar by completely reshaping what a slot would look like. 

Other providers would simply improve the quality of their game’s visuals. That is why there are so many games with different themes. Some use the same theme but offer a different tone through art style or music. Digital illustrators and sound engineers are highly sought after in this industry.

4. Service

Not everyone appreciates electronic slots and table games. A lot of people still yearn to see a charming dealer and the reactions of other players. Most importantly, it might be hard to trust the odds given purely by machines, especially with beginners in this industry. People would still like to see wheels spin and cards being shuffled so online casinos took note of this and started offering live dealer games on their sites.

5. Gimmick 

Instead of online casinos connecting players with each other using the internet, they learned how to bring both the players and the games into cyberspace! This is done with the help of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies. It gives the players the opportunity to pretend that they are navigating a real casino instead of simply clicking on buttons. It is a novel gimmick but it is an idea that could improve everybody’s enjoyment.

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