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World of Warcraft Announces a Shadowlands Test for Torghast on Friday Nov 13th

World of Warcraft Announces Torghast Shadowlands Test on Friday, November 13th

Friday the 13thth, Eastern Standard Time 2:00 pm, World of Warcraft All-in to Shadowlands Beta in the Torghast realm. The plan is to set the conditions for the Shadowlands launch and test the transition from Battle for Azeroth to Shadowlands. They require players to participate in the test.

Shadowlands Launch Conditions Testers in beta can play the starter area and see the opening sequence for two hours before completing the Shadowlands Torghast beta test. The details are as follows, Forum post According to Kaivax:

  • The test will be conducted at Shadowlands Beta Realm Torghast.
  • From 9:00 am Pacific Standard Time (12:00 noon Eastern Standard Time), the Torghast realm will be restarted and set to the Battle for Azeroth condition.
  • By 11:00 AM Pacific Standard Time, testers can copy a copy of the character from the live realm.
  • Launch Shadowlands on Torghast at 11:00 AM Pacific Standard Time.

There was also one provision. All characters above level 50 or already in Shadowlands content will not be available during testing. Once the test is complete, those characters will be ready to play again.

World of Warcraft Preparing for the launch of Shadowlands Later this month With Scourge event It’s happening now.

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