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Flash Invaders: Another game for the paused world

Flash Invaders: Another game for the paused world

“I’m very happy to take a picture and hear the little noise,” said De La Roche Foldier.

There are more than 1,000 mosaics in Paris, and in 1996 the first pixelated aliens invaded the Bastille area. Most of the retro tiles showed the intermission of colors in a calm city, not only on the street corner but also under the bridge and outdoors. The curb of the way. When telephone games were introduced by artists in 2014, their former personal satisfaction became a communal sport.

Casual flanurs like Ms. dela Rochefordière have hunters. “I spend a lot of time on Google Street View, so when I arrive, I get the impression that I’m already there,” said Marseille journalist, who ranks 102nd out of more than 151,000 players. One Stephanie Aubert, 50, said.

Thousands of mosaics by Invaders across Paris are a boon to players who travel frequently and have adventure tips. Completers will need to snorkel for an underwater invader installation in Mexico and attend live events such as taping the artist’s late show with Stephen Colbert, who left a mosaic in 2015.

This game has attracted fans — some are closer than others. Denis Gettliffe-Perez (50 years old) and Mélanie Perez-Gettliffe (48 years old) met in 2017 at the Pink Panther Mosaic in District 11. “We weren’t looking for love, and Invaders provided us with it,” said Perez Getriff. (They got married in December 2018.)

During the pandemic, a new mosaic appeared. The invaders visited Marseille in August and collected dozens of new Octopi and other Mediterranean-themed mosaics from the locals. Mr. Aubert thought the invasion was a bit cliché — all the bottles of pastis soaked in the sun — but was impressed by the artist’s invasion of the northern working-class district beyond the port of Vue. It was.

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“It was great to see his choices in a city I’m familiar with,” she said, saying that in other places like Djerba and Hong Kong, his work doubles as her travel guide. “I’m actually a pretty bad tourist, but this gives me a purpose.”