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Flexible gaming monitors: LG unveils prototypes

Flexible gaming monitors: LG unveils prototypes


LG wants to mass-produce gaming monitors that can be bent at will. Now, the OLED maker is finally bringing a 42-inch prototype of the technology to the public.

LG wants to mass-produce flexible gaming monitors, and it already has a 42-inch display at the SID trade show. (Source: LG)

  • LG wants to mass produce flexible gaming monitors.
  • A 42-inch prototype of the technology can be seen at a trade show.
  • It is not yet clear when the flexible devices will be released.

Computer monitors come in two forms: curved or flat. LG now wants to mass-produce OLED screens for gamers that can change their shape between curved and straight. The South Korean display manufacturer announced this at the SID trade show in California.

Many people may not be able to imagine a monitor that can be folded at will, but LG has already developed rollable OLED screens and is so optimistic that it will be able to implement the ambitious project in series production.

LG Unveils Flexible Gaming Monitor

As proof, LG has a 42-inch prototype of the flexible OLED monitor among its exhibits. The manufacturer left it open when the flexible gaming monitors will be released and how much they should cost.

The announcement of the Transformer OLED for gamers is not the only great novelty of LG in the SID: with the 97-inch OLED.ex-TV, which is equivalent to 2.5 meters of screen diagonal, LG presents the largest and brightest television of its kind at the Art fair for the first time before the public.

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