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For "normal" gamers: Amazon launches a huge eSports tournament

For “normal” gamers: Amazon launches a huge eSports tournament

In the summer, Prime members will have the opportunity to participate in Amazon’s Ultimate Showdown, a sort of cross-genre gaming tournament. We’re looking for the best all-round gamers, from shooters to MMOs to MOBAs, to compete for a $50,000 grand prize.

While most eSports tournaments focus on one specific game, Amazon is trying to break new ground with the Prime Gaming Ultimate Showdown. The global event is described as a “unique variety game tournament.” Competitors compete in a variety of genres, including FPS, team shooters, online RPGs, asymmetric survival, and MOBA games. The tournament is divided into four local preliminary rounds.

Prime membership converts to tournament ticket

The kick-off will take place on June 26 in Seattle, USA, with additional stations in Amsterdam (TwitchCon EU), Germany (Gamescom), and Japan (Tokyo Game Show). The top five players from each event will compete for the ultimate victory at TwitchCon 2022 in San Diego, October 7-9. The game is for an unspecified grand prize worth $50,000. In the final, the participants will also have the support of professional players to raise money for charity in addition to the virtual showdown. Participation in the Ultimate Showdown tournament appears to be only possible for Amazon Prime members who are in a special event website you can register. Also, these are face-to-face events, so a visit to Gamescom 2022 in Cologne (Aug 24-28) or TwitchCon EU 2022 in Amsterdam (July 16-17) is a must, especially for German takers. Online participation has not yet been announced, presumably to prevent possible fraud through cheats and hacks.

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