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Google Pay: More and more partners in Germany: These banks and services support the payment platform



Anyone who pays with a smartphone or a smartwatch today will no longer be looked at inappropriately in Germany, because the spread of services such as google pay is constantly growing, as is the list of partner banks. Google’s payment platform has gained several new partners in recent months, but has also lost one. In the middle of the year we will show you which banks and service providers can use Google Pay.

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Google Pay was launched in Germany almost exactly four years ago (June 26, 2018) and can be used in a variety of ways by virtually all users. The basic attitude of some banks and savings banks of not supporting the platform has not changed much among those affected. Some institutes want to launch their own solutions, but they can still be found in Apple Pay because they have no other choice. However, the list of partners continues to grow: this year Holvi Payment and N2 Capital have already joined, while Citibank is no longer listed.

Let’s take a look at which banks are currently involved and give your customers the opportunity to enter the credit cards they’ve issued into Google Pay and use them accordingly for payment.

These banks support Google Pay

  • 1822 visa cards
  • Bank Advanzia mastercard credit card
  • Augsburg Securities Bank master cards
  • barclay card visa credit cards
  • BitPanda visa debit cards
  • blessing. blessing. MasterCard
  • bunq master cards
  • bench bw VISA and Mastercard credit cards
  • C24 master cards
  • comdirect Visa credit and prepaid cards
  • Commerzbank All Mastercard and Visa cards
  • Consor Finance master cards
  • consort bank visa cards
  • Limited Curve OS mastercard debit cards
  • DKB Credit cards Visa and Miles & More Mastercard
  • hanseatic bank visa credit card
  • Payment Services Holvi Oy Mastercard Business credit and debit cards
  • card Visa debit, credit and prepaid
  • IN G visa cards
  • ING-DiBa visa cards
  • Klarna visa credit cards
  • Landesbank Berlin all maps
  • LBB Visa cards (among others) amazon visa)
  • monese money cards
  • N2 Capital AG mastercard credit
  • N26 All Mastercard debit cards
  • net bank master cards
  • Oldenburg State Bank master cards
  • open bank master cards
  • PayrNet prepaid mastercard
  • pentagon visa cards
  • Pleo Financial Services mastercard credit card
  • Quonto SA mastercard debit cards
  • revolution all maps
  • Tax collector master cards
  • Swan mastercard debit cards
  • morning visa cards
  • UAB master cards
  • Vivid visa cards
  • Living Wallet master cards
  • VIMpay VIMpay Mastercard
  • Volkswagen Financial Services visa cards
  • west stone prepaid mastercard
  • wise all maps

Why can’t some cards be set up as a payment method for in-app store purchases?
Your bank decides if a card can be used with Google Pay and can block certain cards for mobile payments. If your bank is not listed, or your card cannot be set up for mobile payments, please call the phone number on the back of your card to provide feedback to your bank.

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Supported accounts and services

  • PayPal All German bank accounts linked and verified
  • VIMPay Any confirmed German bank account in combination with a virtual VIMpay Mastercard

Unfortunately, not all the big names are on the list yet, but you can also reach your goal with small steps. The smaller banks don’t really make a difference, but of course each new partner puts more and more pressure on the other banks and increases the reach. With the financial sector also facing major turmoil, it’s partly understandable that financial institutions don’t want to be buttered so easily. If savings banks and Volksbanks one day get involved with Google Pay, it would be a big step in Germany.

Google Pay’s competitor Apple Pay would probably be happy with more partners too, but it already has bigger partners than Google Pay. This is mainly due to the fact that Apple does not allow access to the iPhone’s NFC chip and therefore only supports its own solution, for which it may also charge fees. Because Google doesn’t (anymore) have this option with Android, Apple’s business model is on a much more stable footing. However, Apple’s exclusivity also appears to be faltering.

PayPal and Curve are the main strengths of Google Pay
Until this banking problem is resolved, which may take many years, Google Pay has two aces up its sleeve: PayPal and the Curve platform. PayPal can be added directly to Google Pay and can be set up as a supported service, just like VIMPay. A confirmed bank account in Germany is necessary, but that should not be a big problem for a German user. With Curve, on the other hand, there is the meta credit card that is based on other credit cards.

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