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For the first time, dozens of women are being trained to hold mobile phones in Idlib

For the first time, dozens of women are being trained to hold mobile phones in Idlib

The Barqa Amal Women’s Organization in Idlib governorate launched a project to rehabilitate women and train them to maintain smartphones (mobile phones), the first of its kind in northwestern Syria.

The project is a 16-day training set for women in the field of mobile phone maintenance, divided into 8 days of training for the maintenance of electronic parts and 8 days of training for the maintenance of mobile software.

Economic side
Engineer Sawsan Al-Saeed, one of the project supervisors, told Orient Net that the project, for which the organization chose 30 women based on age and experience criteria, is multi-purpose, as it is both economic and social.

From an economic point of view, Al-Saeed explained that Syrian women suffer weakness, refraction and marginalization in the face of the bitter reality of the country, and from here we try to help women to get them out of the circle of fear so that they are a basic pillar and effective in Syrian society and deepen their self-confidence. We need to integrate the energies and efforts of all members of society. Advance in living reality, especially when it comes to women.

He added that poor economic conditions meant that Syrian families were not enough to have a single breadwinner, forcing women to seek a livelihood, so they worked uncomfortable jobs, thus starting from a deep-rooted belief in the role of women in construction and facing the challenges left by the conditions of war and their infinite capacity to give.

Social aspect
From a social point of view, Al-Saeed pointed out that the mobile project is a project that has a distinctive privacy, because the profession is limited to men, and women sometimes face some difficulties when they have to maintain their mobile phones, such as erase data and other privacy, and therefore dealing with a woman will be easier, more comfortable and safer, and the woman can To accompany the maintenance expert during its smooth operation.

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Amal Al-Ahmad, one of the apprentices who took the initiative to learn the profession and depend on it to support herself and her family in the conditions of poverty and displacement in which she lives, says that she and the rest of the apprentices They learned all the electronic parts that the mobile phone contains and they learned how to disassemble and maintain its faults, and that they would be ready to enter this field in a few days. Coming.

She indicated that the main objective of joining the project is to protect the privacy of women who need to keep their mobile phones or download programs on them without penetration.

For its part, the splendor of Al-Youssef, one of the mobile maintenance apprentices, did not hide her joy at what she had learned in the maintenance arts, saying: “I learned to handle all the parts of the mobile, starting with the chassis, display board and base, disassemble and replace or maintain any parts, change displays, charging cables and other parts. Able to work after acquiring all these experiences and skills.

The apprentices followed the training period, which lasted for a continuous month, with vigor and determination to possess as much information as possible, since they were aware that the responsibility for the success of the work falls on their shoulders through the equipped centers by the Glimmer of Hope organization to hone their knowledge experiences working in the field is not easy, and that Success will be their only option, especially after facing much criticism about the idea of ​​mobile phone maintenance, which increased the insistence of apprentices to demonstrate that they are capable of performing the work through which they intend to secure a job opportunity, in addition to leaving room for the protection of women’s privacy.

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Baraka Amal is an educational awareness organization founded in 2015, which is concerned with economically and professionally empowering women, especially for those who found themselves in the position of breadwinner after the loss of their husbands and the interruption of work of some of them as a consequence of the deterioration of the economic conditions that the country is going through.