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MMORPG.com offers a limited number of alpha test keys for Fractured. These keys will only have access to the Fall Alpha phase that is currently underway and will end near December 6, 2020. Get the key as soon as it is out of stock.

469 keys remaining

About fractures

Fractured Is the first open-world sandbox MMORPG mixing action combat with a fully interactive environment, equally appealing to competitive and collaborative gameplay enthusiasts.

Please jump into the battle from the first day. Defeat enemies with your skills and wisdom, not with equipment or levels. Gather resources, craft, trade and embark on a legendary journey as a lonely hero. Or start reconciling with the guild and grow into the next empire.


  • 3 races, 3 gameplay | Fractured is the first MMO in which the race you belong to actually influences how the game works, from the type of society you live in to the way you interact with other players. Are you hungry for infinite PvP? Do you like a friendly community? Looking for risks and rewards? Fractured always has a world that suits your needs.
  • Crafting and trading | Forget the old RPG clichés and enter the universe where all items are created by the player. Feeling like sitting down? Start your own cultivation and livestock business. Did you get the spirit of an explorer? Embark on an epic journey, harvest the rarest resource nodes in all regions and trade them in distant markets to make huge profits.
  • Goodbye grind, welcome knowledge | Join your friends in the most epic adventures from day one. You progress by expanding your knowledge and increasing your reputation, not your level. Tired of setup? Rest in front of the fire and reassign abilities and talents. It’s time to enjoy the freedom of MOBA with the permanence of MMO!
  • Evolved action combat Fractured brings the combat style you loved in single-player action RPGs to a fully interactable MMO environment. Aim, avoid, master and use the natural elements of the surroundings to learn to defeat enemies with over 400 abilities and 40 unique stat effects. With your skills, you can win even if all hope seems lost.
  • Build and rule an empire | Looking for a new home? Find the right place and start a settlement with the guild. As Governor, you will be able to guide its development to a social, trade or military hub. Be careful: The rise of power in your city is not overlooked, so be prepared to protect it from hostile assaults and siege!

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