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Free F-Rename: Full version only with CHIP

Free F-Rename: Full version only with CHIP

Renaming a large number of files is quite annoying in Windows, as there are almost no configuration options for this. For photos alone, each device, like a cell phone or digital camera, uses a different naming scheme, making for perfect chaos.

the full version Ascomp F-Rename Professional Edition help you end this mess. Get $19.90 worth of software now for free from CHIP, but the campaign only runs this weekend.

Ascomp F-Rename – Rename thousands of files in no time

F-Rename is a real time saver when renaming numerous files.

Image: CHIP

so there in Ascomp F rename practical functions like “Numbering”, with which you can add consecutive numbers to all the selected files. In Windows Explorer, a digit in parentheses is added to the end by default, something like:

  • Spain holidays (1)
  • Spain holidays (2)
  • SpainHolidays (3)

The “Date” method is recommended for images, as the date the photo was taken is used as the file name; this allows you to sort through large numbers of files more quickly in Windows Explorer without first displaying columns such as the date the photo was taken. taken or the date it was created.

For music, F-Rename also offers a tagging mode, thanks to which you can edit the MP3 tags of songs down to the smallest detail. Just add the artist name, song title, genre, and year of release. This way you can find all the songs on your phone faster.