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Der FritzRepeater 1200 AX / 600v2 von AVM

Fritz-OS: Update for another repeater model now available

Image: AVM

Another Fritz repeater receives a software update from the manufacturer AVM. This updates the current version to 7.30.


Numerous functional extensions and bug fixes come with FritzOS 7.30 on the Fritz Repeater 600v2Among other things, the update package is designed as part of the software version 7.27 to 7.30 according to AVM provider contain the following new features:

new features for Fritz Repeater 600v2 with Fritz OS 7.30:

  • Enhancement: Improved interoperability with third-party wireless routers
  • Enhancement: Updated Trusted Root Certification Authorities
  • Improvement: Improved system stability
  • Improvement: Improved WiFi stability
  • Improvement: redesigned setup wizard
  • Improvement: The time it takes to establish a connection to the FRITZ!Box after pressing a button (WPS) has been significantly reduced.
  • Improvement: Improved notifications for WLAN in “System/Events”.
  • Improvement: Improved detection of multiple parallel WPS activations
  • Improvement: WLAN guest access naming (SSID, default) based on language selection
  • Improvement: Improved the stability of WLAN guest access
  • Fixed: vulnerabilities in handling incoming fragmented packets and aggregated MPDUs (A-MPDUs) fixed (“fragmentation attack”)
  • Fixed: With unencrypted WiFi, the WPS feature for WiFi guest access was not working reliably
  • Fixed: Reduced maximum throughput rate when used with current Apple iOS and MacOS devices
  • Fixed: The image in the setup wizard for configuring the WLAN bridge was incomplete
  • Fixed: The final page of the setup wizard showed the WiFi network key even though an unencrypted network was configured
  • Fixed: WPS registrations running in parallel were not finished reliably
  • Fixed: The number of messages in “System/Events” was too low in some areas
  • Fixed: Incorrect reference to adopting the FRITZ!Box password for a repeater that is not Mesh-enabled
  • Fixed: If you toggled between different settings in network settings, the changes were not applied
  • Fixed: The “Support” page was no longer directly accessible
  • Fixed: multiple password prompts
  • Fixed: Wrong time when displaying the latest FRITZ!OS update
  • Improvement: stability improvements

Image source:

  • avm-fritz-repeater-1200-ax: AVM