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FritzOS 7.50 is coming: better router

FritzBox New Features: FritzOs 7.50 Coming Soon

The next big update for the FritzBox firmware will be Fritz OS 7.50 be. AVM has yet to officially reveal when it will be finished. is supposed to be in Summer 2022 come, with the hottest season for software developers also including September. For users, this means that it won’t be long before they get the free upgrade.

But it is clear that there are big plans for numerous new features and also an opportunity to test the innovations. the requirement is Lab Firmware 7.39. This is, so to speak, the test environment for everything AVM is planning for FritzOS 7.50.

This preview version is now available for a wide range of FritzBox WLAN routers:

  • FritzBox 7590AX, 7590 and 6591, 6660 Cable (07/05/2022)
  • FritzBox 7530 (06/28/2022)
  • Fritz 2400 repeater (06/21/2022)
  • FritzBox 7530AX (20/06/2022)
  • Cable FritzBox 6690 (16/06/2022)
  • FritzBox 6850 LTE (05/05/2022)
  • FritzBox 6890 LTE (04/26/2022)

Once updated, you can already try out many of the innovations planned for FritzOS 7.50 ahead of time. Here’s how exactly this works with the lab builds. Now let’s show the planned New features of FritzOS 7.50.