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FritzOS 7.39 Update: Faster Downloads for FritzBox and Repeater

FritzOS 7.39 Update: Faster Downloads for FritzBox and Repeater

AVM provides new lab updates for the Fritz box 7590AX and the two Fritz!Repeater 3000 and 2400 ready. Thanks to the update to FritzOS 7.39, other end devices now benefit from higher download speeds and more stable connections, among other things.

The IT company from Berlin only distributed one last week Wave of new updates for DSL and LTE routers FritzBox 7530, 7590 and 6890 LTE. Now you also supply the Wi-Fi 6 model and two of its repeaters. The FritzBox 7590 AX also receives the improvements in the Internet area, which should increase the data rates for downloads via guest access (eg on the WLAN). Other than that, DynDNS providers with optional usernames and passwords are now also supported, and various bug fixes have been installed.

The improvements that AVM brings with the FritzOS 7.39 lab for the two repeaters are varied, especially for the Fritz!Repeater 3000. Among others, compatibility with various WLAN devices, radar detection in the 5 GHz band that improves the channel automatic WiFi function and overall system stability. Quite detailed patch notes can be found on the avm website. The same applies to the download of the new Fritz lab if you cannot start the installation via the browser interface of the Fritz boxes and repeaters.

Since this is another test (beta) version of the software officially expected in the fall, we recommend backing up your personal settings in advance, as unexpected issues may occur.

FritzBox 7590 AX: Fritz!OS 7.39-98302 Changelog


  • Improved Higher download speed for guest access.
  • Improved support for DynDNS providers with optional username/password


  • Fixed selection options on “WLAN/Wireless Network/Security” pages were not hiding or showing correctly after turning WLAN on/off
  • Fixed edit option fixed when WLAN timer is not activated
  • Failed to activate fixed WLAN guest access


  • Fixed incorrect display of connections in the user interface if using a FRITZ! with an older version of FRITZ!OS on the mesh.


  • Fixed push service for received faxes containing inappropriate after date text artifacts
  • improve stability

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