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From the mobile phone … Steps to consult about traffic offenses using the car license number


Many drivers and car owners wonder what are the steps to inquire about traffic violations with the car license number from home via mobile phone, to know if they have violations or not, in order to save time and effort of go to their transit units.

Consultation on traffic offenses

Drivers and car owners can find out the traffic violation query by car license number from home via mobile phone in 5 minutes via the website of the Prosecutor’s Office and the Egyptian government portal. There is also the ability to pay for traffic violations online to save more time and effort.

Steps to verify traffic violations

Vito reviews the ways to request information on traffic violations with a car license from home via mobile phone in 5 minutes through the website of the Prosecutor’s Office and the Egyptian government portal as follows:

1- You enter the official website of the Public Ministry from here.

2- Click on Traffic Services.

3 Click Queries.

4_ Click Vehicle License Violations.

5- Enter the license number of the vehicle that is requested.

6 Determine the type of license.

7- Click Total Violations, the total traffic violations to be paid will appear in front of you.

Traffic offenses

Second: Types of traffic offenses, which are the following:

1- Driving a car without a license.

2- Use a mobile phone while driving.

3- Go in the opposite direction.

4- Do not wear a seat belt when driving.

5- Stopping at violating places.

Traffic fines 2021

The Ministry of the Interior launched the traffic offenses website in light of the development of the traffic system in Egypt and its increased efficiency, and how to properly inquire about traffic offenses in Egypt through the new traffic offenses website of Egypt. traffic with the number of the traffic plate, automobile. driver’s license or license number, as well as the violation number.

Egyptian government portal

It should be noted that the General Administration of Traffic Information Systems of the Ministry of the Interior of Egypt signed, in January 2019, a protocol with the Postal and Fiscal Authority on the issuance of certificates of violations of all kinds through the website through from the Egyptian government website. and the implementation of electronic payment as well, in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance in this regard.

In the second case, the consultant must take into account the writing of the number, solution and type of license, if he is an owner, heavy transport or motorcycle.

New Traffic Law

The House of Representatives, headed by Counselor Dr. Hanafi Jabali, approved the two bills of traffic laws presented by the government to modify some provisions of the Traffic Law promulgated by Law No. 66 of 1973 and the Children’s Law promulgated by Law No. 12 of 1996 and two bills to modify some provisions of the Traffic Law with the texts of articles 7 / last paragraph and 35 Clause (1), last paragraph, article 37 / Clause 4 and article 81 bis 3 of the Children’s Law.

Draft new traffic law

The first bill presented by the government aims to amend some provisions of the Traffic Law promulgated by Law No. 66 of 1973, to achieve a series of objectives, the main of which is the amendment to reduce the age of the 16-year license to drive motorized vehicles, and to determine the period of validity of the driving license for motorized motorcycles. Finding a legislative basis for practical vehicle licensing. And light ones that have a specific impact on traffic and the road network, and that provide sufficient flexibility to determine the specifications of each type of motorized motorcycle, and the system and conditions for the granting of their driving licenses, taking into account speed and development requirements in the field of these motorcycles.

New amendments to the traffic law

The second bill presented by the government aims to amend the text of article (51 bis) by adding a sentence at the end of the second paragraph that stipulates the exemption from customs duties to foreign transport vehicles under the condition of reciprocity and within the limits of this treatment. , with the aim of avoiding with this addition any conflict that may arise with the provisions of the bilateral and multilateral agreements signed by the Arab Republic of Egypt, and the consequent special obligations, with the aim of paving the way for the expansion of the commercial movement and transportation. .

The proposed law presented by Representative Mohamed Salah Abu Hamila aims to create a system through which advertisements are placed on vehicles, of all kinds, and find a company, or more, that works in the field of advertising and advertising to advertise the products. of companies and entities that wish to do so in vehicles. Regarding the bill presented, the deputy Muhammad Abd al-Rahman Radi aimed to amend the administrative sanction by withdrawing the license so that its effect on the owner of the vehicle would be spent by withdrawing the driver’s license and not the license. driving as stipulated in article (72 bis).

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