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Fuel on Fire, Amber’s new star ability is available in Brawl Stars

Fuel on Fire, Amber’s new star ability is available in Brawl Stars

A new star skill for Amber, Gasoline on the fire, which will allow you to recharge the Super more quickly when it is on the flammable liquid.

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Ambra is the new legendary brawler of the Mexican Trio of Brawl Stars, formed by El Primo and Pocho, who has been the subject of criticism in the last week on Brawl Stars. Initially it was criticized for being too strong as a brawler and now, after the Supercell Nerf, there have been other criticisms because it does very little damage and is much slower, in short, it seems that the Supercell with Amber goes heavy.

In practice, Amber has an attack similar to that of a dragon, in fact she breathes fire and sets fire to areas with her Super. To date, she only had one star ability, Incendiary Flames, which allowed Amber to create up to two puddles of fuel at the same time and allowed her to reload the Super quickly if she was close to either of them. Today, November 13th, Amber’s second star Skill also arrived, called Gasoline On Fire.

Gasoline on Fire – Description and Gameplay

Gasoline on Fire - Description and Gameplay

When Amber is near an incendiary puddle, she recharges Dragon Blaze (name of the main attack) 50% faster than normal.

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So the difference between the first Star Ability and the Second is that the former allows you to reload the Super faster while the new Star Ability allows you to reload the hits of the main attack 50% faster than normal. .

Fonte del gameplay: Youtube

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