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Godfall may look like the next generation, but under the gloss of the graphic, it’s a hollow experience


Godfall certainly has some graphics. Five minutes after this self-proclaimed “loot slasher” (ugh), it’s clear why Sony decided to push it as its first masterpiece game. PS5.. Is Godfall so interesting to play? not really. But when it comes to passing an eye test, Fuboy will sprinkle the next generation of magic powder.

So what exactly is Godfall? After spending a few hours on it, I can tell you it’s a pretty terrible derivative. No matter where you look, there are far better games scattered around. Destiny’s loot and gear system removed. The confident Swagger of Dark Souls combat, certainly many of the related challenges have been mostly castrated. Serious seriousness that can be escaped in the Call of Duty campaign, but certainly in games where the playable character is a heavily armored man trying to ensure the fall of his god-like brothers. Did you start seeing where the title of that imaginary name came from?

However, there is no denying how good it looks. I’m sure Godfall is a great ad to promote the power of the PS5. Since we didn’t pre-order at once, Sony’s new console exists as a purely fictional device. Still, no matter how clean the console edition is, I’m sure the version I’m playing is cleaner. Well, as long as you’re cool, label the game about a high fantasy killer in stupid armor that hits and kills monsters with a pointed shield as “pretty”.

(Image credit: Gearbox)

Playing on the RTX 3080 and combined with the Intel i9 10900k and 32GB of DDR4 RAM, Godfall is a knockout. When everything is ramped up to the best Epic presets, the action is almost always kept at stable 4K / 60fps. Given the level of hardware involved, that’s really necessary. A slight hitch occurs during a more desperate battle with multiple enemies — I saw a strange drop in my early 50s — but the motion blur of the game is well handled, so the roar It is often overlooked.

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