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Full version: Download PC Fresh 2022 for free here

Full version: Download PC Fresh 2022 for free here

Has the once agile PC become a lame box? Windows open with a delay of several seconds, do even simple tasks like opening a website become a test of patience? Here is an antidote: new pc 2022 – free to download. Abelssoft’s optimization program identifies potential performance brakes and removes them. Even better: fast PCs run even faster with it, because the software unmasks and removes factory-set brakes. Windows drags them in the form of services that you don’t always need. Setting up the service is generally complicated, but the program makes it relatively easy to access with recommendations and automatic features suitable for beginners.

PC Fresh 2022: that’s in the tuning package

Make Windows faster

With PC Fresh’s own service management, it prevents unwanted services from loading when the system boots. This usually only brings a small performance boost. Services do not have their own user interface (no windows or notification area icons) and are therefore hardly noticeable. However, if they come off as a brake, you won’t visually notice the “crazed” service programs – they’re invisible. Anyone who cripples useless services with the help of PC Fresh 2022 prevents them from gnawing PC performance beforehand.

Two categories in Abelssoft’s optimization software package hide general and speed-related Windows settings, each of which requires only a few clicks to change. Another section reads key facts about the inner workings of the PC. Laymen should be attracted by the fact that they receive concrete suggestions for optimization, highlighted in color. The impressions of the program are even individually tailored: answering a list of questions is not mandatory, but it will help you get personalized advice.

PC turbo mode at your fingertips

An exciting new feature is the “Turn On Now” button on the home page (“control panel”). Flip the toggle switch located there and end the background functions of the system that are considered unnecessary in one go. Among other things, PC Fresh 2022 ends the Windows update and theme service and empties the RAM memory. More free capacity is then available from the last main memory, which is shown by looking at the Windows task manager. Hovering over the i symbol in Power Now mode displays a tooltip that provides information on how it works:

“In PowerNow mode, services that don’t always need to run certain tasks, like time synchronization, window transparency, etc., or just take care of visual effects, are turned off so that more resources are available for certain applications, such as games.

Free PC Pick-me-up - PC Fresh 2022 as an Exclusive Full Version Turbo PC Auto Mode for Windows - Abelssoft makes PCs livelier.

Auto Turbo PC Mode for Windows: Abelssoft makes PCs more lively.

This function is only available in very few tuning applications, in most of them it is not the rule. Turning the mode off again restores previous Windows functionality. So the operating system requires more RAM and the CPU load increases during the rebuild.

Tuning - PC Cleaner (COMPUTER BILD edition)

COMPUTER BILD editions and special versions for download

Register PC Fresh 2022 for free

To use the software, double-click the installation file and confirm a Windows User Account Control warning message with “Yes”. Follow the setup wizard with several clicks on “Next” and one on “Install”. At the end of the configuration, click “Finish”. The program starts automatically and requires a free registration. To do this, enter at least your email address.

Confirm the terms and conditions by checking the box and proceed to “Request free activation by email”. Anyone who has not yet registered a program with Abelssoft can now open their email inbox and an email from the manufacturer and click the confirmation link it contains. PC Fresh 2022 is then unlocked. No need to enter a serial number. If you are already an Abelssoft customer through a previous registration, the confirmation click is skipped and the program can be used immediately.