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The head of the content review project, Sergey Polovnikov, appreciated the need to disable geolocation on a smartphone. He indicated in a conversation on the Sputnik radio that this action does not make sense, since the GPS module ensures the correct operation of many applications, and a person can be tracked in another way.

“You must understand that if someone wants to follow you, they will follow you even with the GPS turned off, using triangulation technology, that is, determining your location using signal sources from base stations. From the point of view that your data is not being tracked, turn off, don’t turn off the GPS, this is a dead poultice ”, said the expert.

Polovnikov added that enabled geolocation slightly drains the battery of the smartphone. He drew the analogy that storing charge in this way is like sitting at home with the lights off to save energy.

The expert explained that the GPS does not consume Internet traffic and continues to work even when the network is disconnected or the SIM card is removed. If the maps were uploaded to work offline, the browser can be used in the same way.

Evgeniy Tsarev, Former Legal and IT Manager, RTM Group warned Russians on the inability to delete instant messaging correspondence. Correspondence can also become the basis for the composition of an administrative or criminal case. Then, a citizen can be prosecuted for defamation, insults to the interlocutor or government officials. The expert added that for the examination, law enforcement officers can seize a smartphone or PC, use screenshots of the participants in the correspondence, as well as information from the messenger’s administration.

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