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Receipt lottery: an awarded Seriate IVS customer in Rome

Receipt lottery: an awarded Seriate IVS customer in Rome

Seriate. A client IVS Group was awarded in the receipt lottery thanks to the use of CoffeecApp®, the application for mobile payments in vending machines.

During the prize draws related to the “Consideration lottery“On September 23, managed by the State Customs and Monopolies Agency – Directorate of Games and Lotteries, a winning virtual receipt was extracted from one of the IVS vending machines located in the Rome area, for a drink paid for by paying CoffeecApp® mobile.

The consumer who has the extracted receipt will receive a prize of 25 thousand euros and the IVS Italia subsidiary of the IVS Group, based in Seriate, As a merchant at the point of sale, you will in turn receive a prize of 5,000 euros, which will be entirely donated to charity.

In May 2021, the participation of IVS Group with its network of vending machines was launched in the State Cash-back program and in the lottery prize draw for receipts.

Participation is possible through the use of the CoffeecApp® mobile payment App, active in the vending machines belonging to the Venpay circuit and belonging to the affiliated operators. The application was developed by Venpay, a company controlled by IVS, and is a “wallet” (digital purse), which can be recharged both with credit / debit cards, as well as by introducing cash – coins or small bills – into the acceptors. from vending machines. .

All users of the application can participate in the receipt lottery by entering their lottery code in the corresponding section. To activate the State Cash-Back, the user must complete the registration procedure in the application and prepared in accordance with Moneynet, a payment institution authorized by the Bank of Italy, always controlled by the IVS group, in order to guarantee the certification of your identity, a necessary condition to obtain the benefits of the state program.

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“Taking into account the number and capillarity of IVS distributors -explains a note from the company-, as well as the low average consumption value typical of automatic vending machines, the possible advantages for consumers are multiplied enormously, which for the IVS Group is around 2 million a day. . With this initiative, the group reaffirms its attitude of offering increasingly comprehensive services to its customers and its capacity for innovation also in payment services and in physical and digital electronic money ”.

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