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Gadgets: Science and technology:

AirPods are getting adaptive active noise cancellation. about it informs Apple Insider Edition.

The journalists found website The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has a new app for AirPods. Apple engineers have invented a secret technology that allows you to customize how Active Noise Cancellation works.

The document says that consumers who use noise-canceling headphones will be able to hear loved ones talking to them. To do this, the latter will have to say a certain keyword, after which the headphones will not drown out his speech. It’s supposed to be a username, but AirPods owners will be able to enter any word they see fit.

“The user may wish to be interrupted by one or more pre-assigned contacts that are identified on the associated electronic device as an interruption-enabled contact,” the company described the new feature. Journalists believe that this feature may appear in Apple headphones in the near future.

In December, Bloomberg reporters Mark Gurman list devices that Apple should introduce in 2022. Among other things, the company may release a new generation of AirPods Pro headphones and Apple Watch smartwatches with a reinforced case.