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Game Dashboard and game widgets will come to Google Play Games with Android 12 (photo)

Game Dashboard and game widgets will come to Google Play Games with Android 12 (photo)

Federica Papagni

The fourth and final beta of Android 12 has recently seen the light of day, thus closing the circle of innovations introduced by developers, who will now only have to archive what was done in anticipation of the stable. In a special article, in fact, we have laid out our impressions regarding what we have seen and tried so far, but at the moment the focus is on the new functionality. Game board Say Google Play Games.

This control panel provides a quick access to useful game tools like screen recorder, FPS monitoring and even a widget that shows the results and ranking data of the service. In detail, after installing the Google Play Games update 2021.07.28550 on devices with Android 12 Beta 4, as long as a title compatible with Play Games is downloaded a widget it will be visible within the game board.

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Doing click Another page opens in the widget showing your Play Games username, Google account email address, and tabs leading to achievements, rankings, profile settings, and privacy pages on Play Games. To do this convenient functionality To check your progress in the games, there is the possibility of being able to select and open the map of the objectives and the classifications so that you can consult all the information about it without having to open the entire Play Games app.

During last month’s Game Dashboard announcement, Google announced that the feature will be available on “select devices” running Android 12. before the end of the year.

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Via: XDA Developers