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Game of Thrones is coming back in a big way, with a mobile MMORPG game


Great anticipation for the imminent launch of the MMORPG based on the famous HBO fantasy series. It will be set in Westeros, but it will not return to the already known plot, staging a completely new story. The game will be based on Unreal Engine 5.

The game will be set in the GoT universe.

Although the series has now ended, the success of game of Thrones. The last episode aired in 2019, closing the eighth and final season. The approval of the public, however, has not failed, as evidenced by the large fan base that is still on the lookout for any news regarding the saga.

In fact, there is great expectation for the launch of a spin-off series, which will be called House of the Dragon. It is a prequel that will address the events of the dynasty. Targaryens and will be set 200 years before the events facing Game of Thrones. The release date is scheduled for April.

The spin-off garnered endorsements from the creator of the series. Jorge R.R. Martin, who was able to view a first montage of the series that will consist of 10 episodes. The new series is highly anticipated by fans, many of whom have been disappointed with the last two seasons of GoT.

But House of the Dragons is not the only novelty; In fact, the trailer for the MMORPG Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms has just been released. The game, in third person, will be set in Westeros and its gameplay will be mainly PvP (player versus player), although other secondary modes are not excluded.

An MMORPG created in collaboration with HBO

The Game of Thrones series is based on A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin.

The game will not be a reproduction of the events of the television series (which in turn are a re-adaptation of the book A Song of Ice and Fire); On the contrary, it will propose a original story set in the western continent of George RR Martin’s fictional universe.

The production house will be netmarble, the leading video game company in South Korea, already known for producing games related to successful franchises. In fact, in the past it has released titles like Marvel Future Fight, Star Wars: Force Arena, and Dragon Ball Online.

However, it is not the first time that the Game of Thrones saga has approached the world of video games: in fact, another title related to the series is expected to come out, that is to say game of thrones: beyond the wallwhich will be available from March 26 for iOS users and April 3 for Android users.

This title will have a different type of game than the MMORPG; in fact, it will focus on a tactical and team approach, while the former will see players engaged in a mode one by one.

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