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What You Need to Know About Elden Ring


Myth and drama blend in an attempt to bring to life a mysterious yet intriguing video game. The game plays out in a dungeon that is vast and filled with unending danger. Three dimensions merge seamlessly to create a wide range of uninterrupted fun.

The human, supernatural, and evil forces take precedence in this game, trying to fight for the territory. Although there isn’t much left of the land, one gets power over everyone else and the top benefits of course. Fighting against foreigners isn’t an easy task but thanks to the next level amour, you can ward off attackers before they get too close. What’s more, you have at your disposal a horse that is highly mobile, making it easy to escape from tight situations when you feel cornered.


The graphics and scenery already betray the origin of the game. Created at the heart of Japan, Elden Ring’s features depict some of the ancient myths and folklore that is synonymous with the area. The developer, FromSoftware, tries as much as possible to capture the scenery and culture of the Japanese people. The use of fighting weapons that are commonly used by people of Japanese descent is common.

The storyline is not only unique because one of the most renowned developers in Japan takes part in the production, but also because Game of Throne’s author George R.R Martin contributes to the birth of the game. To top this up, it is also an open-world-souls game, a factor that contributes to the hype around this video game.

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Top on the list of the perks of playing this game is that you get to pick your character. Luckily, you can play as an antagonist or protagonist depending on your preferences. And aside from picking your weapons and amour, you also have the privilege of using magic to counterattack and protect yourself.

Tactical fighting is also an integral part of this game. While up-close fighting is enticing and exciting, the element of surprise also makes the game enjoyable. Long-range bow-shooting or using magic spells to destabilise or disarm your enemy is part of the deal.

Learning more fighting tactics will increase your strength, making you stand out from the rest and also help you fight for yourself. Remember there is nothing wrong with amassing several characters until you find one that suits your style.

Do not expect anything less than mystery and turning plots now that there is a development guru at the production table. Just as Game of Thrones is mysterious, packed with mystical and unexpected twists, so is this game. These elements are not released at one go but in bits. Each dose comes with alluring plots that heighten the gaming encounter.

Expected release dates

The initial launching date was set for 2021, but a few glitches led to the delay of the release date. Breath of the wild was one of the main areas that needed fixing, coupled up with a few crushing errors. However, Tasuhiro Kitao expects to launch the game by February 25th, 2022 if everything goes according to his plan. PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox series XS owners are going to be the beneficiaries of this game? Are you ready for it?

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