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games and strategies to keep it simple

For both children and adults, spelling becomes one of the weak points of Italians. These are the tricks to make it easier

Among the black beasts of the early school years we surely find theorthography, capable of putting everyone in difficulties. But only the great difficulty in learning this Series of rules that they are not exactly simple and immediate creates apprehension even in those who must teach them and help them acquire them. Not only teachers but also parents who have to deal with them every day children, the Italian rules and how to make them learn.

Spelling is a skill that you must gradually acquire and memorize. To do this, we tried to recommend some tricks and games to make the often “boring” spelling easier and more fun.

The games and tricks that we will like to spell

There are many tricks ei games that we can use to make these difficult writing rules easier and above all so that they are acquired in a fun way by the little ones.
The first simple and fun game to play is syllables. For this we only need some cards in which we will write for each of the syllables. Then we will strive to compose words and as we improve, we will create a true story.

It may seem like a no-brainer, but to learn to write well one of the fundamental actions we have to do is read. An advice that has always been given in schools but that never goes out of style, because only by observing and seeing the written words can we internalize the Orthography rules.

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After an old tip, here’s a modern one, take advantage of the technology. In fact, there are many applications that we find on mobile devices. They help to learn spelling from spoken words, or applications that allow us to test very difficult writing.
Last tip, but not least: write, write and write. Have fun with our children to make dictations, words, complete sentences. Only by writing and only facing our mistakes can we understand our mistakes and internalize them.