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Switch Pro will have support for Nvidia's DLSS and 4K resolution, according to an insider

Switch Pro will have support for Nvidia’s DLSS and 4K resolution, according to an insider

The new model of Nintendo Switch, the rumored Switch Pro does not stop receiving leaked information: while the company has not made its existence official, even going so far as to say that I don’t intend to announce a hybrid review this year, multiples initiated they are unveiling some technical details of the machine assuming not only that it exists, but that it will be announced and even put on sale throughout 2021.

This time it was the well-informed person NaterDrake, which has already proven reliability in previous leaks, who has specified certain technical details that we did not know about the Switch Pro: according to this person, the new review of the Nintendo machine will have DLSS compatibility, the AI ‚Äč‚Äčimage rescaling technology developed by Nvidia, and 4K “functionality”. Consequently, the laptop screen would also gain resolution to take advantage of this technical leap.

A “significant upgrade” to arrive in 2021

“I don’t really talk more about the technical specs than I have already. Has DLSS and has 4K functionality. There is no reason to delve any further right now. That is enough to illustrate that this device is a significant upgrade.“NaterDrake explains in a message in ResetEra.

In that forum he has also talked about how Nintendo plans to fill this Switch Pro with new content while keeping the original catalog active: “Support first party span both this new hardware and the current Switch for at least two years “, explains the well-informed person dropping that the original hybrid will stop receiving original Nintendo games in a couple of years, when the company focuses entirely on the new model.

About its announcement and launch, this well-informed person remains firm in its commitment to 2021 and even goes so far as to say that we will see Switch Pro in stores this year: “Let’s say I am confident it will be announced this year. A delay to 2022 will need to be communicated in the coming months, as the development kits and the collaborators third parties they have already started planning software for device“, he assures, and ends by saying:” I think that hope is still in a launch in 2021. “

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