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Gaming: BenQ shows off a new short-throw projector

BenQ introduces a new short throw projector for gaming, streaming or other types of entertainment: the TH690ST 4LED Gaming Projector. It has two HDMI interfaces and is therefore compatible with common game consoles such as Sony PS5/PS4, Nintendo Switch or Xbox Series. The TH690ST projects a 100-inch diagonal image from a distance of 1.5 meters from the projection surface. For automatic alignment of images from different spatial positions, the projector has 2D keystone correction, which is also supposed to eliminate keystone effects.

The BenQ TH690ST projector has different modes for light and dark environments. (Photo: BenQ)

The new BenQ device offers 1080P-HDR image quality, 2300 ANSI lumens brightness and is 4K compatible. The input delay is 8 milliseconds at 120 Hertz. Several game modes for light and dark environments are already predetermined. The sound comes from the two integrated Trevolo stereo speakers, each with 5 watts. Users can also choose from different sound modes: Standard, Cinema, Music, Game, Sports and Custom.

In Eco mode, the life of the light source should be 30,000 hours. According to BenQ, this corresponds to a lifespan of about 21 years with about 4 hours of daily use without changing the light source.

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