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Genshin Impact 2.2 Update Brings New Characters and Triggers OnePlus China Collaboration


Genshin Impact has been eventful in recent months. The biggest updates to the game have been released in the form of 2.0 me 2.1, based on another series of exciting game elements for all The best games on Android. Genshin Impact is also celebrating its first anniversary, and players have received a few goodies along the way (but not without many free players criticizing the pre-programmed free deck). Anyway, it’s time for a new update, we get v2.2 with the new character Thoma, we unlock a new location in the Inazuma region, new monsters, collaboration with Razer for the world and teaser for the next OnePlus collaboration for China. .

Genshin Impact 2.2 Livestream Free Primogems

Before we begin, here are the free Primogem codes from the live stream of this event:


Redeem them quickly here through your browser. You can also redeem it in the game, but the browser redemption is faster. Act quickly as these codes have a limited duration and will expire soon.

New playable characters in Genshin Impact v2.2: Thoma

There’s only one new character in this update, but that should give people time to nurture and level up the whole bunch of new characters that have been released in the latest updates now.

Thoma is a four-star Pyro Polearm character who seems to be focused on the supporting role. It offers solid defense and strong benefits, which is what you are looking for for a supporting role. We’ll need to get his full rank and stats to see what kind of squad he’s suitable for, but he seems like a better positioned unit than Xinyan.

New headquarters in Inazuma:

Inazuma will unlock his last main island in the form of Tsurumi Island, which is expected to complement Inazuma as a region. The highlight of this area is the thick fog in the area, as well as the new enemies that apply the erosion effect. Tsurumi Island will also be at the center of new events, which means exploring it will be key to earning rewards of limited effectiveness.

New enemies in Genshin Impact 2.2: Rifthounds and Rifthound Whelps

Genshin Effect - Enemy Rifthound

Rifthound and Whelps are the new enemies that players will encounter while wandering to explore Tsurumi Island. These creatures focus on stealth and try to sneak up on the player. When an attack hits a character, all party members will be affected by the “Corrosion” state (similar to the Corrosion state on the current Spiral Abyss Floor 11), causing all members to constantly lose health regardless of his armor status. There appear to be two types of Rifthounds objects: Geo and Electro.

Event Security Banner: Childe, followed by Hu Tao

The next character banner after Kokomi’s current one is for Childe (with 3 other four-star characters), followed by a banner showing Hu Tao, Thoma, and two other four-star characters.

Jinshin Effect Childe and Hu Tao شخصية Custom Banner

This is Childe’s third banner, and since it precedes Hu Tao and Thoma’s banner, it is highly likely that many players will skip that banner and move towards Hu Tao. Hypercamps like Hu Tao are still in style.

More new gameplay mechanics, events and changes in Genshin Impact 2.2

Aloy for all players

Aloy, the five-star Cryo Bow that was unlocked for PlayStation users in the last update, will now be available to all players (starting at Adventure 20 level) in this patch.

All you need to do is log into the game once in this patch and it should be available to create and play. Aloy reception has been muted so far, but we will not turn down promotional gifts.

Hangout: Sayo and Toma

Sayu and Thoma are two of the last characters to have their meeting place.

Events: Labyrinth of Warriors. Tune in to the sounds of the world

We are receiving two events in this patch. Labyrinth Warriors is a combat event centered around Childe and Xinyan, while Tuned to the World’s Sounds is a music-based event.

serenity bowl

The Serenitea bowl gets a new Inazuma world design called “Silk Patio” (unlocked when you reach Thunder Sakura level 40), different Inazuma-style furniture patterns in the wild, and through Tubby, a new type of furniture. in the form of floating platforms you can change Their height and flowers that can be earned through the limited time event “Blooming Dreams”.

L'effetto Jinshin - Serenita del Patio del Mundo by Silken Bowl

Various changes

With Genshin Impact v2.2, support for the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller has been added for the PC version.

Prodotti in co-branding Genshin Impact x Razer

Mihoyo has signed a new partnership with Razer to create Genshin Impact co-branded products. These include the Genshin Impact themed Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse, the Razer Goliathus Speed ​​Mouse Pad, and the Razer Iskur X Gaming Chair. These products not only feature Paimon by Genshin Impact as their theme, but also come with additional accessories. -game bonuses. Genshin Impact projects will also be provided to razor customs, a Razer online service that offers official partner builds for a variety of Razer hardware. Everything is on track and an exact date or availability has not been provided at this time.

Razer x Genshin Impact co-branded

There is also a custom THX game profile that is displayed through the THX Spatial Audio app. The profile is available on PC and is compatible with all Genshin Impact gaming headsets.

Effetto Jinshin x OnePlus

On the China live stream, Genshin Impact also teased the collaboration with OnePlus, which will launch in November 2021.

OnePlus x Genshin Impact Preview

Unfortunately, there are no scripts written in English and we can only imagine what it could be. It could be a custom version for a phone like OnePlus 8T Cyberpunk 2077 EditionOr could they have just been custom statuses and themes? We will have to wait until November to find out. Keep your hopes low that this will be available globally as it was only announced on the Chinese broadcast and not the global broadcast, suggesting a limited release in China for anything.

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