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Genshin Impact is updating the resin mechanics, but players aren't happy

Genshin Impact is updating the resin mechanics, but players aren’t happy

Genshin Impact impressed fans early in an open world like Breath of the Wild, but fans who reached the end are expressing frustration with many features of the gacha game. One of them, the time-limited “original resin” counter, has been reworked with a patch scheduled for November, but some players aren’t happy yet.

How resin works in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact resin acts as a common timer in gacha games, requiring players to wait for play to resume or spend money to continue immediately. However, with the release on PC and console, the resin feels like it has been imposed on Genshin Impact players, who are often unfamiliar with this type of feature.

Currently functioning, players can hold up to 120 resins. It can be used to collect loot from boss battles, domains, and ley line battles. Once used, the resin slowly re-accumulates once every 8 minutes, for a total of 180 times per day. However, the resin will stop accumulating when it reaches 120 caps, so players who log in only once a day will not be able to fully use 180.

In the game’s current Battle Pass, players use 150 resins daily and 1600 weekly to unlock rewards. This is well above the maximum 1260 that players can accumulate. This means players will need to replenish their resin with additional (often paid) items to earn more Battle Pass rewards.

Changes in patch 1.1

In the next 1.1 patch arriving on November 11th, some of these Features will change.. First, the developer changes the weekly Battle Pass requirement from 1600 to 1200. This means that most resin players will be able to claim these rewards on a regular basis. The developers have also changed the maximum amount of resin they can hold from 120 to 160.

This change makes a big difference for players who can’t log in multiple times a day to use the resin reserve, but it’s almost the same for high-invested players who are already using the maximum amount of resin reserve- -And often blow it off in minutes, dramatically limiting the amount of time they can play each day.

A Patch 1.1 leak posted on Reddit It also claims that the game contains a new type of resin called condensed resin. In this case, a player who can’t use up the resin for a day can instead easily log in and save it for another day, but this hasn’t been dealt with yet without spending a ridiculous amount of money Concerns for players looking for a way to store resin, or wanting the resin system to be completely abolished.

A major update to Genshin Impact is planned every 6 weeks, and the next update will be available in patch 1.1 on November 11th. Other changes offered in the next update will include new fast-moving items, new characters, and new weapons.

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